The best way to grow cucumbers

The best way to grow cucumbers

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The benefits of growing cucumber are many. It is a refreshing and delicious vegetable that is an essential part of the healthy diet. It can be eaten in salads, cooked with proteins or pickled for that extra flavour. But there's a problem with growing cucumbers. They can take up a lot of space, and in a tiny home garden, this can be a significant deterrent. However, that shouldn't stop you from growing cucumbers because there still is a way.
The best way to grow cucumbers is vertical! This way, the plant doesn't take up too much space at all, and in fact, you can plant two to three columns of cucumber plants like this. Also, growing cucumbers vertically helps in avoiding fruit rot which often occurs with this plant. When cucumbers are grown horizontally, the fruit stays in the moist soil for a long time while it matures. This causes the growth of fungus. Read about growing cucumbers which are summer refreshers of your garden.
cucumber plant
But if the plant is grown vertically, then the plant is safe from rot, and the leaves also get access to more sunlight. This makes the plant even more productive. And not to forget, vertically grown plants are much, much easier to harvest!
cucumbers on stalk
So, with so many benefits, why not try this out yourself? Here are the tips you need to get started on growing cucumbers vertically.

Choosing the Container:

First, you need to find the right container. The container will need to hold the plant's vines and also the support beams or trellises, so select one that is suitably deep. One that is around 12-14 inches deep will work well. Buy pots online.
growing cucumber in pot

Plant Support:

Next, it's time to choose the support for the plant. You can get a wire mesh fence, trellis or garden netting. Ensure that the support is 5 to 6 feet tall and that it rises at least 6 inches above the soil. This will give you enough space to cultivate comfortably and weed the plants if necessary. Know about other vegetables which require trellis support.
cucumbers growing on net support

Get Planting:

Now, it's time to get planting! Till the area around eight inches deep and also cover the spot with some nutritious compost. After this, adjust the trellis or support once again, if required. Now, plant the cucumber seeds about one inch deep into the soil and give each row around 10-12 inches of space. After that, mulch the seeds lightly. Buy best cucumber seeds.
cucumber seedling

Helping plant to grow:

As the plant begins to germinate, you'll need to help it grow around the support. Help the tendrils curve around the support beam gently. If you think that the vines need even more support, then you can tie them to the support till they get used to growing like that. Just ensure that your knots aren't too tight and that there's enough room for the plant to grow.
supporting cucumber plant

Watering Cucumbers:

Finally, water the plant frequently so that the soil remains moist. If you live in a particularly dry climate, then take extra care to ensure that the plant doesn't wilt. Also, keep adding mulch as the plant matures but avoid over-fertilization.
watering cucumber plants
Soon, the plant will be blooming and producing some delicious cucumbers for your salad.
Happy growing!