Vegetables that require trellis support

Vegetables that require trellis support

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Kitchen gardening is a demanding activity. Most of the vegetable plants are fast-growing & short-lived. All routine garden practices like watering, feeding, pruning, and weeding should be done by following a strict schedule. As a gardener, providing trellis support to climbers & staking the weak stemmed plants are two essential activities that should not be ignored during the growth period of plants. Let’s have a look at the vegetable crops that may require additional support.
vegetable trellis

Trellis for climbing plants:

All the climbers, twiners, creepers, trailers need the support of a trellis. The size of the entire trellis depends on the total area where climbing vegetables are grown.  Such trellis can be made out of any locally available material. Bamboo or PVC pipes can be used as a strong framework material for building a trellis. Read about how to grow climbers and creepers in your garden.
Home garden vegetable plant
A trellis net, fishers net or pigeon proof nets can be used to provide additional meshwork on a trellis. Nylon ropes, fiber ropes, wires, tapes, etc. can be used to create such meshwork. Young climbers should be trained to grow on trellis initially; the fast-growing climbers will take hold of this support in no time.
cucumber trellis

Following are two major groups of climbing vegetables that require trellis support:

Beans & peas:

Many of the leguminous vegetables, different types of beans & peas are climbers of twinning nature. Eg. Broad beans, Green peasGreen podded beans, Vaal (Pawta).
Beans plant Trellis


Almost all vegetables of the cucumber family are climbers with tendrils. Eg. Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Cucumber, Ridge Gourd, Snake gourd, sponge gourd.
Cucumber plant support trellis

Some cool trellis ideas:

Wall trellis:

Climbing veggies can be grown besides walls, where the entire green screen can be created by placing a trellis alongside an entire wall.
wall trellis


Metal or wooden arches can be raised at entry points of garden where climbers can be allowed to grow. Series of arches can be placed in line to create tunnel like pergola. Such structure enables better harvesting of gourds & beans.
snakegourd on pergolas


Small tripods are much more suitable for potted plants. Three sticks can be tied at one end & the other ends are placed right above the plant in a round pot.
climber pumpkin plant


Many climbing vegetables grow very well over typical goat-proof, wire-pole fencing of farmlands & yards. Like this climbing, vegetables can also be temporarily grown over twiggy branches, cages & ladders as well. You may like to read about top 10 climbing flowering plants to grow on fences.
bittergourd on trellis

Staking the vegetable with a weak stem:

Many non-climbing vegetables have a weak stem. Particularly during the fruiting stage, these vegetable plants struggle to stay upright & fall flat on the ground if proper support is not provided. Right next to the plant, drive a strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end to support the plant. The main stem of a plant is tied to the stake with rope to keep the plant upright.
staking vegetable garden

Fruiting vegetables that require staking:

Tomato, Chilli, Brinjal, Capsicum, French beans. Tomato & cherry tomato plants may require additional support of double staking, tripod stake, or specially made tomato cages.
Eggplant on trellis
Happy Gardening!
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