Growing Chives

Growing Chives

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Chives are perennial members of the onion family and are loaded with Vitamins A and C. Like various herbs they are plush with therapeutic properties. A powerful antioxidant, this herb protects your body from free radical damage. It is also an age-old anti-cold and flu remedy that can be included in everyday meals.
Grow Chives in your garden and take advantage of its abundant anti-bacterial properties to cure a cold and flu.
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Types of Chives:

  • Common chives (Allium schoenoprasum)
  • Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum)
Garlic Chives


  • Chives thrive in both warm and cold temperatures.
  • Depending on the variety planted, the magical herb grows about 10-20 inches high.
  • It blossoms with beautiful pinkish-purple flowers.
  • It comes with the sweetness of Onion and a hint of Garlic.
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Landscape and Soil for Chives:

  • Chives work well as a border plant
  • They prefer moist, fertile, rich and well-drained soil.
  • Before planting Chives add slow releasing fertilizer or aged compost to the soil.

Planting Chives:

  • Plant Chives in full sun.
  • Chives can grow from seeds, bulbs or plant propagation.
  • When starting Chives from seeds, plant them indoors first (for about 8-10 weeks). Indoors place the pot in a dark spot at a temperature range of 15 to 21 degree C once the seeds sprout move the container into the light. As soon as the chive plant reaches 6 inches, transplant it into the garden.
  • When starting Chives from seeds, place the bulbs 5-8 inches apart.
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Harvesting Chives:

  • Cut ½ to 2 inches above the soil.
  • It is recommended that you cut the plant outside of the clumps.
  • If you are harvesting after the plant has flowered, then cut the entire plant to remove the flowers.
harvesting chives herb

Chives Pests and Diseases:

Protect your Chive plant from the following pest/disease infestation:
  • Bulb rot
  • White rot
  • Mildew
  • Rust
  • Smut
  • Purple blotch and grey mold
  • Onion fly
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chives plant diseases

Caring for Chives:

  • Water Chives consistently throughout the growing season for high yields.
  • Moisten the soil thoroughly while watering.
  • To conserve moisture and keep the weeds away use mulch.
  • For good yield, side dress with fertilizer in May and July with one teaspoon of 21-0-0 per square foot.
  • Chives when fully grown need minimal care.
  • After the flowers bloom, be certain to remove them to avoid the seeds from spreading throughout your garden.
  • Divide the Chive plants every 3 to 4 years in the spring. Allow divided plants to grow for several weeks before harvesting.

Ugaoo Tips:

  • Grow Chives next to carrots.
  • Chives are a symbol of usefulness.
  • As mentioned in an ancient European Folklore you can hang Chives at home to ward off negativity.

Uses of Chives:

Avoid cooking Chives to get their highest nutritive value. Instead, add chopped chives to vinegar, oil, ghee, or garnish your food with fresh or dried chives just before eating. Buy other herbs online.
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Have you grown Chives at home? What are the ways you use this magical herb? Leave us a comment as sharing is caring.