6 Best Tropical plants that beautify the interior of your home

6 Best Tropical plants that beautify the interior of your home

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The Plants That Will Win Your Heart

The Money Tree, aka Pachira Aquatica, aka Malabar Chestnut, is one of the exotic tropical plants that are also considered a symbol of good fortune. The plant with a braided trunk has become a popular houseplant in Asia. If you are a dog lover, having this plant at home could be a boon, as your pet won't be harmed if it comes in contact with the money tree! Like other tropical plants, it also purifies the air inside your home and can be a good gifting option for family and friends.



  • Aralia Golden Plant 

If you are looking for pure and unadulterated air, then Aralia Golden Plant is one of the best tropical plants for your home. While adding to your room's beautification helps eliminate harmful gases like carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Besides, this gorgeous lady also helps control the humidity of your vicinity. So, buy Aralia Golden Plant to breathe pure air, stay healthy, and keep smiling whenever you see it adorning your home! Remember to keep it happy as well; water it twice a week (check the topsoil is dry before watering), and you are good to go.



Dracaena Golden Milky Plant is one of the low-maintenance tropical plants available online. It's the plant for you if you are a greenery lover yet don't find time to keep them owing to a busy schedule. The gardening beginners also find the milky plant a great way to start your gardening course. Won't be wrong to call it a "worry-free" plant; just place them in a room & enjoy them grow. Stars like spots on the leaves or diverse colors are things that possibly attribute to its name!



  • The China Doll Plant 

A cute little China Doll plant has glossy green leaves and is a great choice for those who love tropical plants. It is an ideal indoor plant and would enhance the look of your balcony if placed there. It loves a little bright light and grows perfectly in an undisturbed, exclusively chosen corner! As the name goes, it is also an excellent choice for your baby girl's doll house. Like a delicate doll, this plant also needs extra care; however, not complicated if you understand its requirements. Check for the topsoil (it must be dry) and water it once a week.



  • Areca Palm Plant 

A delicate Areca Palm plant is stable in the Indian sub-continent. Again a beginners'-friendly piece, Areca Palm is pretty simple to grow and maintain. It will purify the air in your home, thus making your homely environment homelier and healthier. Its universal selling point is its adaptability - it can grow in varied spaces and conditions. Placing it near a window sill where it could get bright sunlight indirectly would give it a perfect setting to thrive. Watering once a week should be sufficient; just ensure the topsoil is dry before you begin to water it.



  • Raphis Palm 

Now is when we actually shift to terms like luxurious and elite when we talk of the Raphis Palm. The raphis palm, also called the lady palm grows well within low-light areas and is an excellent air purifier. So, for people living in shaded areas or places that get less sunlight, this is the perfect purchase item for you! This magnificent plant will exquisitely adorn your room with greenery. The plant incredibly decorates the thin straight stems with shiny glossy fan-shaped fronds.



Yes! This Info is for You!!

Homeowners - These luxurious and beautiful indoor house plants are thoughtfully handpicked for the people who own and love their lovely homes. Any home is incomplete without a little bit of greenery around and there is no need for an entire garden space to buy some plants for homes. These plants would serve the purpose and choice of all homeowners.

Gardeners - Some degree of gardening experience is required for all types of plants. So is the case with indoor tropical plants, and people who love gardening (as a passion or livelihood) rejoice in their presence. The gardeners would enjoy taking care of these plants, upkeeping them, and cherishing their growth!

The products are direct-to-use consumer goods. These are available online, and the package consists of everything that would be required to finally use it. The box would consist of the plant, the pot to place it in, and soil (different suitable formats). The pots are self-watering, and the packaging is recyclable.


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