Flourish Your Space with Ugaoo's Indoor plants for home

Flourish Your Space with Ugaoo's Indoor plants for home

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What are the best plants for your home?

One of the simplest pleasures of life is adorning your home and your nest with gorgeous plants and nurturing them to grow. Whether you are an indoor plant enthusiast or a buff for an elaborate terrace garden, interior decorating with plants makes a substantial difference.

People browse plant categories for positive vibes and energy indoors. But the problem lies in plenty of options. So, where to go for the best indoor plants for interior decoration? The solution is Ugaoo.com



Explore our explanation of the best indoor plants from Ugaoo Plants to enhance the look and feel of your home. Interior decorating with plants adds a green, aesthetic appeal to your place and it is also easy to maintain.


Types of Indoor Plants from Ugaoo Plants

You can look for climbers, creepers, ferns, foliage, and several ideas for interior decorating with plants at Ugaao.com. Select your plants in different sizes, and receive instructions for maintenance, and expert guidance to ensure a smooth shopping experience.


Broken Heart Plant

Broken Heart Plant is an all-time bestseller indoor plant for a home. People loved this type of indoor plant for its heart-shaped leaves, easy growing, and picture-perfect fenestrations. 

The scientific name for the broken heart plant is monstera adansonii. It requires minimum maintenance and thrives under indirect bright sunlight.



Jade Plant Mini

The jade plant is a perfect pick for busy people who want to try their hand at interior decorating with plants. Jade Plant Mini is convenient to care for and can survive dry times.

The indoor plant requires watering a week. It also means you can vacation without worrying about the beautiful home plant. According to Feng Shui, Jade Plant brings good luck and prosperity.

The packaging at Ugaoo Plant contains one natural live plant with a pot.



Fittonia (Nerve Plant)

Nerve plant or Fittonia from Ugaoo is perfect for interior decorating with plants. The leaves grow deep-green, delicately veined with ceaseless evergreen. The plant comes prominently in silvery-white vein color. You can also find other colors, such as pink, red, green, and white. 

It will surely fulfill your inner perfectionist and flourish your home plant décor.



Three-Layered Lucky Bamboo Plant

According to Vastu Shastra, the Bamboo plant brings good luck and wealth. It grows fast, needs less maintenance, and does not cost much.

You can use it for home plant décor, office designing, and gifting purposes.



Money Plant Golden

Bring home good luck with Money Plant Golden. It is one of the easy-growing plants and luckiest, mentioned in Vastu and Feng Shui.

 Benefits of Money Plants

  • Purifies indoor air

  • Brings in positivity

  • Peace at home and familial problems at bay

  • Good for health

  • Prosperity and good luck


Monstera Deliciosa Plant

These green plants indoors are a common sight on social media channels. Monstera Deliciosa Plant enhances home décor and elevates household happiness. This Swiss Cheese Plant species is invasive and one of the best sellers at Ugaoo.com.



Peace Lily Plant

A couple of the USPs of Ugaoo indoor plants for home are their low-maintenance feature and hassle-free growth. It makes them convenient to manage while you are away or on vacation.

The large white-coloured Peace Lily Plant is another beautiful indoor plant from Ugaoo Plants. These are excellent air purifiers and glossy in appearance.



Syngonium Pink Plant

A beautiful decorative creeper for floors and tabletops, Syngonium Pink Plant is an option for interior decorating with plants. These plants can creep up to three to six feet.

Explore the website for orders, shipping, and other details.



Christmas Cactus

As the name suggests, these plants bloom during Christmas and last into the new year. Cactus plants grow in scarce-water conditions. Therefore, these plants require less water and stay strong near sunny windows indoors. The succulents make interior decorating with plants an easy job.



These are the top ten bestseller indoor plants for the home from Ugaoo Plants. You can visit and explore hundreds of other plants and gardening tips at Ugaoo.

Plants to Avoid for Interior Home Décor

Vastu says you should not keep the following types of plants in your home to avoid bad luck.


  • Milk-producing house plants

  • Dwarf plants like Bonsai

  • Cotton plants

  • Babul

  • Tamarind plant

  • Never keep dead or decaying plants

  • Date palm tree


Buy Indoor plants for living room

Ugaoo offers premium quality live plants online for your interior design and delivers them to your doorstep. All the plants are grown under the supervision of expert planters. With a range of options, interior decorating with plants is made easy.


Along with indoor plants, Ugaoo offers the best quality seeds, planters, and corporate gifting solutions. Plant lovers can also explore plant care products such as potting mix, fertilisers, tools, pest control, accessories, etc.


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