10 Best Cactus Plants to Decorate Your Space

10 Best Cactus Plants to Decorate Your Space

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Cacti grow slowly and require low maintenance. These plants are drought resistant, which means they store the liquid in their stem or leaf. But that is not the only thing that sets them apart. Members of the Cactus family have areoles, small bumps on the outside of the plant with some unique abilities, unlike other succulents (and all other plants). You can use indoor cactus plants for decorating your house. 


Despite being recognized for its love for sunlight, a cactus plant can grow well as a houseplant. For some unusual decor, place one on your windowsill or in your living area. The ideal houseplant typically needs less light and is smaller in stature. 

Let's take a look at some different indoor cactus plants to decorate your space.


Top 10 Different Types of Cactus

1. Christmas Cactus


    This popular winter bloomer can live for many years. This small cactus plant is a great way to decorate a room. Move the Christmas Cactus to a room with no nightlight six weeks before the holidays to encourage it to bloom. For the buds to form, it needs 12 to 14 hours of darkness. As its name suggests, this cactus plant blooms during the Christmas season, just like its relatives - the Easter and Thanksgiving cacti.


    2. Elongated Cactus Plant

      The Elongated Cactus is gorgeous and could be the ideal addition to the garden due to its resemblance to a castle's turrets. This small cactus plant grows slowly and can grow up to six feet tall. Remember that the fairy castle cacti rarely have flowers. Instead, it is frequently sold with fake flowers attached. Place it in a location where it gets lots of sunlight.  


      3. Saguaro Cactus


        The stems of the Saguaro Cactus mimic the towers of a castle. Up to 6 feet tall, this mini cactus plant grows slowly. Make sure to keep it in a sunny location.


        4. Star Cactus


          The star cactus works well indoors and in a succulent garden. Also known as starfish or sea urchin cactus, this cactus plant can be used to decorate a room. The flower on this plant is either white or yellow. Put it in a place that receives a lot of sunlight.


          5. Feather Cactus


            The Feather Cactus plant is a clustering cactus with beautiful white feathery-looking spines that are soft and fluffy. But don't be duped by its looks, as these spines are sharp! Although it benefits from afternoon shade, the feather mini cactus plant requires lots of light. This cactus decorates the house beautifully. 


            6. Peruvian Apple Cactus plant


              The Peruvian apple cactus, or Cereus Repandus, is a big, upright, prickly columnar cactus found in South America. Cereus Repandus is primarily grown for ornamental purposes but has some culinary significance in the region. The cactus plant benefits include its ornamental value and the culinary significance it carries.


              7.Blue Columnar Cactus

                Blue Columnar Cactus, also known as blue torch cactus, is a rapidly growing plant that can grow as tall as 30 feet in its natural habitat. This is the best choice for decoration. It looks like a blooming cactus with a funnel shape when it is fully grown. This cactus plant diverts a lot of sunlight as it brings out its innate bluish colour.


                8. Moon Cactus


                  The moon cactus plant could be a beautiful addition to your indoor garden due to its vivid hue. This variety consists of two different types of cacti that are grafted together. Nonetheless, it has a short lifespan compared to some other cacti. This mini cactus plant should be placed where it can receive indirect sunlight because very much direct sunlight can harm it. This blooming cactus plant looks very colourful in decorating the house. 


                  9. Easter Cactus

                    The Easter Cactus flower plant comes in various bloom colors. With rounded edges centralized on the leaves, it has trumpet-shaped flowers and pointy petals. The green segments of this plant are attractive all year round, even without the colorful flowers. Easter cacti like bright light but not direct sunlight because it will burn their leaves.


                    10. Lady Finger Cactus


                      Lady finger cactus plant, also known as the gold lace cactus, can be an excellent addition to the garden. This small cactus flower plant bears white flowers and only reaches a height of 6 inches. To give it plenty of bright light, either direct or indirect, place the plant close to a sun-facing window.


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