Decorating with Bohemian Plants

Creating the Perfect Boho Vibes: Decorating with Bohemian Plants

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• What is the Bohemian style?

The Bohemian style of living is rooted in individuality and creativity. It is a style often associated with creatives and out-of-the-ordinary individuals like writers, poets, globe-trotters etc. It strongly revolves around natural elements with splashes of color and neutral, yet bold tones. Are you ready to transform your living space into a haven of enchanting boho vibes and create the ultimate boho vibe bedroom?

One key element to achieve the perfect boho ambiance is the lush use of indoor bohemian plants and boho planters. In this article, we will explore how to infuse your space with lush greenery and attain those dreamy boho vibes.


The Essence of Boho Vibes Décor

Bohemian plants are integral to creating the desired boho vibes décor. With their unique charm and relaxed elegance, these boho plants effortlessly enhance your interior's ambiance.


• Bohemian Plants: Nature's Boho Touch

Plants that match this aesthetic automatically add an elegant charm to the look of the whole room. They don’t need you to try hard and look good no matter where you place them.

Here are a few more tips that will help make your room look effortlessly beautiful and give it a hint of your personality depending on how you style it:


a. Boho Room Vibes

Your space should exude boho room vibes - laid-back, creative, and full of life. The key lies in incorporating plants that bring the outdoors in, like snake plants and fiddle leaf figs.

b. Boho Planters

Selecting the right boho planters is essential. Any boho ceramic planter can add an artistic and earthy flair, seamlessly blending with your boho style plants for an enchanting visual. Basket planters also create a beautiful, rustic charm and perfectly fit in with the vibe you are trying to set.


c. Indoor Boho Plants

These indoor boho plants not only enrich your décor but also purify the air, elevating your living space's charm. Varieties like trailing vines, such as the String of Pearls, add a playful and organic element to the mix. 

Boho Vibes Decor

d. The Boho Bedroom

When crafting a boho vibe bedroom, your plant selection is crucial. The room should feel like a tranquil oasis, and bohemian plants will create that calming atmosphere. They can be placed surrounding the back of your bed and near your bed-side table. Corners in your room can also be decorated and made to look fuller using these plants.  

Indoor Boho Plants


Boho Style Plants for Boho Vibes


1. Colorful Foliage:

To match the vibrant boho color palette, opt for boho style plants with colorful foliage like the Pink Princess Philodendron and the Croton Petra.

2. Hanging Planters:

Hanging planters, often adorned with macrame, are essential in a boho decor. They add an artistic and free-spirited touch to your bedroom.

Decorating with Boho Style Plants


• Plants for Non-hanging planters

1. Monstera 

2. Pothos 

3. Succulents like Jade and Haworthia Coarctata 

4. Cacti 


• Creating Your Own Boho Plant Haven

    Designate a special corner for your bohemian plant display. Layer boho style plants of various heights and sizes to create a captivating, jungle-like effect. 


    • Boho Ceramics and DIY Craft

      Include boho ceramic planters, as they perfectly complement the natural, rustic feel of the boho decor style. You can even get crafty and make your own macrame plant hangers, adding a unique touch to your boho decor vibes.


      Other interior design ideas to achieve your perfect look

      1. Make use of rugs as they add to the calming and homely atmosphere. 

      2. Pick out the perfect floor lamps and table lamps. They can add depth to your room and light up areas that could highlight some decorative aspects that you really like.  

      3. Textured pillows also add to the neutral toned, rustic feel of the room. These will stand out while still blending in with your furniture, this could help create layers in your room.

      4. You can either choose to buy or handmake macrame items like rugs, pot cover etc. 

      By integrating these ideas into your decor, you'll create the perfect boho room vibes, whether it's a boho vibe bedroom or any other space. So, let your creativity flow, embrace the individuality of boho style, and let your indoor plants take the center stage in this design journey. Celebrate the unconventional, and your living space will become a true reflection of your free-spirited, bohemian soul.