Decorate Indoors with a Half-basket or Wall Pot

Decorate Indoors with a Half-basket or Wall Pot

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Most people love to have a traditional hanging basket, but they can be disappointing unless cared for lovingly. Even though the basket is planted with an all-round view in mind, the side nearest the wall will perform poorly in comparison with the sunny side unless you turn the basket every day or two to even up growth.

Benefits of a Half-basket or Wall Pot

  • Add a green accent to a dull wall
  • Ideal for people who love gardening but are short of space
  • Great for beginner gardeners
  • One can grow plants of different varieties, shapes and sizes
  • Wall pots can be moved easily
  • Offer creative ways of displaying one’s favourite plants
wall hanging baskets
A half-basket or wall pot fixed against the wall can be just as useful, and because it is planted to look good from the front only, it can be just as bold and striking as a conventional basket. Some wall pots are also decorative in their own right. Buy wall pot online in India.
  • If the half-basket is small, you may prefer to take it down to plant it. However, drill and plug the holes, fix the hooks or screws and try it out on the wall first.
  • Add a drainage layer, such as broken pots or gravel, then partly filled with a potting mixture.
  • If using a wire half-basket, line it with moss and fill with potting mix to the height of the first layer of plants.
  • Plant the sides, then add more moss and potting soil.
  • Plant the top of the basket with bold and spectacular plants for an eye-catching display.
  • Choose more restrained plants for a very decorative wall pot that you want to retain as a feature in its own right.
wall hanging plant pots

Putting Out Wall Baskets

Half-baskets and wall pots are difficult to accommodate in the greenhouse or other sheltered and frost-free position, so it is best to wait until frost is very unlikely before planting. If you can give them a week or two in a greenhouse or cold frame, however, the plants will receive less of a check to growth and the display should be more pleasing.

Plants for a Half-basket or Wall Pot

hanging plant pots
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Reference: Practical Gardening by McHoy