Seasonal Plants for Containers

Seasonal Plants for Containers

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Small containers are ideal for seasonal planting at home. They offer four different seasons of creative gardening. During all the four seasons you can change the plants in your containers frequently and add a tinge of glamour to your garden. Containers brimming with colourful flowers are a delight to your garden and act as a focal point.

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Snapdragons in a container

Plants for Spring: During spring create a spectacular garden by adding Violas, Dianthus, Bulbs, Pansies, Snapdragons, Primulas, Lobelias, and fillers such as Ivies and other foliage plants.

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Vinca in a container

Plants for Winter: During winter fill the container with evergreen plants. For a decorative display, all winter leave Springerii to dry in the container. Vinca and Ivy too last all winter. Woody plants such as Holly, Boxwood, Ivy Topiaries, Daphnes and small Conifers offer an attractive arrangement during winters. Red twig and Dogwood make a delightful display too. Spice up your entrance with these lovely plants during winters and let your guests go ga-ga about your gardening skills.
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Sunflowers in a garden

Plants for Summer: During summer, employ large containers with tropical plants such as Caladiums, Bananas, and Cannas. For a different look and feel plant Miniature Sunflowers, Ornamental Millets, Zinnias, and Celosia. If you are fond of the small containers, then plant Dahlberg Daisies, Zinnias, and Dahlias during summer.

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Pansies in a container

Plants for Autumn: During fall plant the containers with oranges, deep golds, and vibrant reds. You can also use plants like Calendulas, Pansies, Ornamental Kales, Snapdragons and edibles such as Beets and Swiss Chard.

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Beetroots in a container

So, what are you planting this season?