8 flowering plants that grow well in shade

8 flowering plants that grow well in shade

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While cultivating a home garden, we have to face many limitations and problems because not everyone has perfect outdoor conditions. One of the biggest things that can stop you or even discourage you from growing any plants is the lack of sunlight. After all, sunlight is what nurtures the plants, feeds them and gives them strength, right?
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shade loving plants
If the unavailability of sunlight is stopping you from planting trees in your garden, we are here with a solution.

Below is the list of plants that can not only survive but also thrive in the shade:

They will help you keep your home garden alive and fill it with lush flowers and foliage.

1. Amethyst flower:

A star-shaped, violet-blue flower, it is perfect for growing in hanging baskets because it just requires some warm shade or even filtered sunlight. You can also find it in white-violet.
Amethyst flower

2. Begonia:

Large flowers, found in almost every color you can think of, that are also the epitome of vibrancy! The Crimson Begonias are certainly one of the most eye-catching flowers you could have. 
begonia flower

3. Toad Lily:

Easy to grow and often compared to the beautiful orchids, the Toad Lily blooms as flawless white, even in shady conditions. However, you can also find them in purple or blue colors.
begonia flower

4. Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart:

Scientifically called (Dicentra spectabilis), this flower produces white or pink heart shaped flowers that hang beautifully from their arched stems.
bleeding heart flower

5. Hosta:

Probably the most famous perennial plant that grows in the shade, the Hosta is also very easy to grow. Not just that but it also adds a great deal of aesthetic value to your home garden.

6. English Ivy:

Here's a climber that grows in the shade to give even more variety to your garden. English Ivy is a fairly frost-resistant plant that just requires some moist, well-drained soil. Buy English ivy plant online.

7. Jerusalem Sage:

The ground level of your home garden should be just as beautiful as everything else! And that's why this shade loving, ground cover plant should be allowed to bloom in your garden.
Sage flower

8. Hydrangea:

We're sure you've heard of this plant and even seen some of its many color varieties. But did you know that the Hydrangea only needs a bit of afternoon shade to grow well in your garden?
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hydrangea flower

9. ‘Mrs. Popple' Fuchsia:

A truly uniquely flowering plant, this variety of the Fuchsia produces almost bell-like scarlet flowers that hang elegantly from the stem.
Fuchsia flower

10. Columbine:

Producing colorful blossoms that are red, orange and yellow, all the Columbine needs is full shade and some moist and well-drained soil. It will undoubtedly brighten up any shady corner of your garden.
columbine flower
With these plants, the shady corners of your beloved home garden now needn't be left bare. Not only do these plants not need full sunlight but they are also relatively easy to grow. Now, that you have so many options to work with, it's time to make that shady garden more energetic!