Introduction to Coconut tree diseases and its protection

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// May 23, 2016
coconut palm, coconut diseases

Coconut trees are prone to some diseases. Few of them are very harmful, and few slowly affect the tree by gradually reducing overall yield. Let us give you a brief on the diseases that infest the coconut tree and ways to protect it.

coconut plant, coconut diseases

Diseases that affect coconut tree are:

Stem bleeding: You might have witnessed the stem of coconut tree extracting reddish brown liquid out of the cracks. Over the time, cracks are built on coconut stem on which liquid becomes one of the diseases that decays its tissues leading to limited yield. Often trunks of trees develop big holes which can be avoided with the use of fertilizers or organic manure such as cow manure that prevents plants and trees from numerous diseases.

coconut tree diseases, coconut tree

Root disease: In this case, leaves turn yellow and bend abnormally. In fact, leaves and crowns are reduced gradually affecting the yield. You can use organic manure again to get rid of this disease (50kg / year on each palm). Maintain minimum 250 ml of watering a week and adequate drainage systems.

coconut diseases, coconut plant

Leaf rot: Leaves tend to change color, turn black and younger leaves break off easily. The tree turns week resulting in low yield. You can use our Multiplex Coconut Mix of 1 kg, a multi-micronutrient fertilizer that produces regular flowering, quality and improved yield with bigger sized nuts. This fertilizer is a mixture of Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum and Boron Micronutrient. It comes in powdered form and can be mixed with soil for a fantastic result.

diseases of coconut, coconut tree diseases

Crown choking: Leaves grow smaller in sizes and fail to unfurl. Overall gives choked appearance leading to the death of the palm. To avoid this condition organic manure or fertilizer can be used to prevent such diseases and increase the look and yield of palm.

coconut tree diseases, coconut leaf

Grey leaf spot: You will find minute yellow spots surrounded by grayish bands right on the surface of grown leaves. Slowly these spots turn fully grayish white leading to complete drying of leaves when the infection turns severe.

coconut diseases, coconut plant

Bud rot: Early symptoms occur with yellowing of one or two leaves. Black spots occur on leaves, and later they fall. This is a gradual process if left untreated will result in limited to no yield or smaller nuts.

coconut leaf, diseases of coconut

Tatipaka: The symptoms of this disease were first appeared in Tatipaka Village based in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh just after a cyclone that hit the village in 1949.

coconut diseases, coconut tree protection