Essential garden tools and their uses

Garden Maintenance
// April 1, 2016
Gardening Tools, Rake, Spade, Lopper, Wheelbarrow

For any gardener, it is imperative to understand the types of garden tools available in the market and their uses. Let us first understand the most fundamental tools without which your gardening activity may turn into a tedious job.

Hand Trowel:

trowel, garden trowel, garden tool, kanee, gauging trowel

Trowel is a great boon for gardeners. It is used to dig plant holes and transplant seedlings. You can also use it extract unwanted weeds from the area. It comes with a pointed metal/plastic blade fixed to a wooden/plastic handle and can be used in a variety of ways. For long lasting trowels, buy one with stainless steel blade.


metal rake, hay rake, gravel rake, long-handled tool with tines, Garden Rakes, mud rake

At least a small hand rake is paramount to have in a garden. A rake is used to move leaves and debris from the surface. You can go with inexpensive plastic rake or metal rakes with fork-like nails. A big rake is required for the cleanliness of the garden.


spade tool, garden spade, garden hand tools, kudal, soil collector, digging tool

Spade is another essential tool that comes with a long wooden handle and rectangular-shaped, metal shovel. A spade is a useful tool for digging holes, sand, turf or moving dirt from one area to other. Spades once purchased can last longer.

Loppers or pruning shears:

lopping shears, loppers, pruning shears, garden lopper, kainchi

Loppers are used for cutting branches or pruning. They come with axe-like curved blades and long handles. Loppers are best choices to cut stems or branches of up to 2 inches in diameter and those that are too big to be cut from a secateurs. Hand pruner with small handle can also cut thick branches of trees or shrubs sometimes up to 2 inches. The only difference is that loppers come with long handles which allow you to cut stems that are little away from your reach.


Wheelbarrow, garden tool

Wheelbarrow is important while installing a garden on your own. You can use it for moving compost, soil and other ingredients in bulk. You can just put all your stuff in wheelbarrow and transfer to other location. A two-handed, single wheel tool can help you haul a proper amount of weight.

Water Hose:

shower wand, plastic shower head, water sprayer, plastic water hose, hand held shower

Last and most important tool that is required in the garden is water hose with adjustable nozzle. If you have plenty of plants to water, a hose will effectively do your job. A hose can spray water in every direction from one area, and nozzle will help control water pressure.