Top 30 Container Gardening Ideas

Ornamental Gardening
// March 7, 2018
container gardening with different containers

Gardening is a reflection one style and taste, while container gardening is a reflection of the gardener’s personality. Before you get set onto exploring top 30 container gardening ideas let’s revisit the basics and keep the following things in mind:

  • Material: The material of the container determines how easily you can move it around, the level of moisture it can hold and its effect on plant growth.
  • Size: Determine the size of the container on the basis of how big it will grow eventually.
  • Drainage: This is the most critical aspect of choosing a container for container gardening. Drainage helps in getting rid of extra moisture and help the plant thrive well. Drainage holes can be incorporated easily on the tin and plastic containers while the ceramic ones would require professional drilling.

garden planter ideas

Below are our Top 30 Container Gardening Ideas arranged alphabetically for you:

1.Apple boxes: You can use apple boxes or wine boxes by simply lining them with plastic, crafting holes for water and air circulation.

2. Bricks: Make a watertight container of mortaring bricks together to provide a water-tight container. You can also dry stacked them around a thin plain plastic container and give your garden a rustic touch.

3. Baskets: Use baskets made up of biodegradable reeds and line them with plastic. Buy hanging baskets online.

4. Birdbath: Use a bird bath to grow low and shallow-rooted plants or trailing vines.

5. Bread pans: Add glamour to your windowsill with narrow metal bread pans.

6. Coffee tin: Use these to make attractive tabletop additions to your favourite plantings.

garden pots made from metal can

7. Crockery: Dwarf trees or ornamental grasses look extremely beautiful when incorporated in broken crockery.

8. Colander: Both plastic and metal colanders come with built-in drainage holes and can be as a centrepiece, too.

9. Ceramic or tin pitcher: Drill holes in an old pitcher and use it to dress up a tabletop or entrance. Buy ceramic pots online.

10. Concrete: Though challenging to move, concrete containers are best for cold climates, lobbies and parks.

11. Enamelware pots: Bright coloured, sturdy enamelware would add a pretty accent to container collections. The only thing is that you might need to add drainage holes to it.

12. Fabric covered pots: Take an old pot and use fabric to decorate it with strips and scraps of fabric. Just leave one-inch space from the bottom.

13. Half wine barrel: This is an ideal container for mid-size and large plants as they have plenty of room. Lined, half wine barrels can be used as water gardens too.

14. Homemade hypertufa: Hypertufa is a combination of Portland cement, perlite, and peat moss. It can be cast in any mould and looks impressive as a container garden.

15. Ladder: Use a metal or wooden ladder to display vibrantly coloured containers. Read about easy to grow plants in containers.

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16. Metal bucket: Old metal buckets with a couple of drainage holes would look trendy as a container garden. You could train wine on its handle or add plants like a fern to it.

17. Muffin tins: Use muffin tins to grow tiny cacti and succulents.

18. Metal urns: Metal Urns would give added height and drama to container plantings.

19. Metal bike and basket: Just like a wire basket, use a bike basket as a container and prop it against a shed or doorway.

20. Mosaic planters: Use broken glass tile to dress up an ordinary container garden.

21. Metal tool tote: Typically long and narrow, a metal tote has a handle and is easy to transport once full with blooms. Buy metallic planters online.

22. Non-functioning fountain: Put the non-functioning fountain to great use and display cascading vines into it.

23. Old canisters and metal watering cans: Let old flour, and sugar canisters hold flowers and herbs. Go for wide tops, and train vines to run upwards.

Bathtub container for growing herbs

24. Plastic food containers: Clean and wash the yogurt containers to grow herbs. Read about how to turn plastic bottles into container.

25. Paint cans: Add a contemporary accent to your garden with paint cans.

26. Plumbing pipes: Use wide tubes clustered together for a visually exciting twist in the garden.

27. Rubber boots: Use rain rubber boots to dress up a fence. Add colourful flowers for bespoke effect.

28. Rubber tires: Dull and dreary tires when applied with a bright coat of paint. Cluster them together and create a cascading collection of blooms.

29. Purse: Transform your favorite used purse into a container for succulents, as they have shallow roots.

30. Strawberry jar: Although typically used to grow red berries, strawberry jars can be used to nurture other growers, such as herbs.

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Do you have any container gardening ideas? Do not forget to share them with us in the comments section below. Also, explore some breathtakingly beautiful container gardens at Ugaoo.