30 Superstar Flowers for Indian Summer Garden

30 Superstar Flowers for Indian Summer Garden

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Nothing else can beat the scorching heat better than breathtakingly beautiful flowers. Make your garden summer ready by planting any of these 30 Superstar Flowers for Indian Summer Garden and create a colourful zone that will be an ode-to-peace.
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List of 30 Summer season flowers that grow in India:

  1. Blanket Flower - Blanket flowers are a great addition to a flower bed or garden. Available in a striking contrast of red and yellow colours, these flowers are known for their ease of naturalizing and minimal care. You can start growing blanket flowers from seeds or purchase plantings from the nursery.
  2. Bougainvillea -  Bougainvillea offers round and brilliant blooms to a summer garden. These thorny evergreen shrubs are available in pink, orange, crimson, yellow or purple flowers. Extremely drought tolerant, Bougainvilleas thrive in any well-draining soil. Learn about how to grow bougainvillea?
  3. Beardtongue - Beard tongue brings spectacular blooms to your garden. These pretty tubular flowers grow on a long stalk and are loved by bees, birds and butterflies. If you wish to see, your feathered friends do somersaults in your garden, plant Beardtongue right away.
  4. Coral Bells - Coral Bells come in intense colours that are sure to brighten up your summer garden. White and pink to light coral and deep red Coral bells can be easily grown in the garden.
  5. Coreopsis - Also known as a pot of gold or tickseed, Coreopsis bring brilliant blooms to your summer garden. These lovely little flowers grow with a maroon centre, and their petals range from red, pink, white to yellow. Easy to grow, these plants are drought tolerant.
  6. Chrysanthemums - These fascinating blooms grow in abundance and can brighten up your garden with exemplary colours. Buy white chrysanthemum.
  7. Daffodils - Daffodils bring cheerful flowers that are dependable blooms for years. These easy-to-care flowers offer spots of sunshine to a garden. You can grow daffodils from bulbs too.
  8. Dahlia -  Dahlias proliferate from seeds, tubers or bulbs. Available in a large number of colours and varieties these flowers are pretty versatile and can make any garden stand out. Buy dahlia seeds online.
  9. Daylily - A gardeners favourite for centuries, Daylilies are a pleasure to grow. Though the beautiful Daylily flowers last only for one day, a mature clump can produce about 200 - 400 flowers over a month.
  10. Gloriosa Daisy - Gloriosa Daisy is also known as Black Eyed Susan. Heat and drought tolerant, this versatile flower is widely seen on roadsides and landscape gardening. The best part is that the highly contrasting velvety foliage requires minimal care.
  11. Globe Amaranth - Grown primarily as a decorative flower, Globe Amaranth is an excellent food crop too. Fun and exciting, it adds a little bit of uniqueness to an otherwise dull kitchen garden. It is loved by the garden pollinators like birds and butterflies.
  12. Lavender -  Known for its delicate aroma, Lavender is a favourite herb that is easy to care, enjoys hot and dry conditions and is suitable for use in a variety of landscape settings.
  13. Lilies - Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily is a vigorously growing perennial that offers coppery-orange to golden-yellow blooms adorned with burgundy streaks. These eye-catching flowers look great as an excellent border plant.
  14. Marigold - Marigolds are almost every gardens staple. These easy to care plant offers bright blooms and is the probably the first flowers grown by each one of us. Versatile in nature, Marigolds thrive pretty well in hot and humid conditions too. Buy marigold african double seeds or french marigold seeds.
  15. Musk Rose - Musk Roses or Shrub Roses are defined as the category of hardy, easy-care plants that encompass bushy roses. Excellent as ground covers, hedges or screening in landscapes, Musk Roses are a must have in an Indian summer garden.

Pink musk rose summer plant
You can also grow flowering plants like Lotus, Oxalis, Perennial Hibiscus, Peonies, Plumeria, Pansies, Purple Coneflower, Petunias, Pineapple Lily, Roses, Sea Holly, Sunflower, Veronica, Yarrow and Zinnia in your Indian Summer Garden.
Blue sea holly summer season flower
Apart from the above flowering plants, live plants at Ugaoo too are an ideal option for summer climates. The best thing is that you can buy these plants online from Ugaoo.com and create soothing green interiors with these plant varieties.