What is grafting?

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// January 4, 2017
how to do grafting

Did you know that your favorite mango or orange varieties are not grown by seed sowing? Most of our popular fruiting & flowering plants of desirable characters like color, texture, smell, taste, size, etc. are grown by artificial vegetative propagation method called as grafting.

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What is grafting?

Grafting is a union of two related plants referred as stock & scion. The Stock or a Rootstock is wild, natural, vigorous, healthy, disease free, & the one with well-developed rooting system. eg. Wild Mango. The Scion is a high-quality, superior variety that possesses commercially &/or aesthetically desirable characters. Eg. Alphonso mango.

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Grafting is a union of scion stems over the stock plant. The graft is NOT a hybrid. Characters of stock & Scion are never mixed in flowers & fruits. The exhibited plant characters should always belong to Scion. Union of internal tissues called cambium in both plants is imperative for successful grafting; when such union happens the stock and scion grow together as a single entity. In an ideal graft, roots & central main stem belong to stock, whereas all the growing branches, leaves, flowers & fruits belong to the scion. Read about 5 best grafting tools perfect for both pro and newbie gardeners.

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Types of grafting:

Depending on size & position of scion stem & the type of cut is made on stock & scion; there are different types of grafting viz.

  1. Approach grafting: Allamanda sp.
  2. Side grafting: Roses.
  3. Splice grafting: Some cacti
  4. Saddle grafting: Rhododendron & Lilac.
  5. Flat grafting: All cacti
  6. Cleft grafting: Fruiting trees.

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Advantages of grafting:

  • Grafting is the fastest way of growing popular, desirable varieties of fruiting trees & flowering shrubs on a large scale. Buy fruiting tree seeds online.
  • Many commercially valuable plants are difficult to grow by other propagation methods like cutting & layering, but they respond well to grafting.
  • Scions are highly precious varieties, but the usually have poor rooting system, less vigor & weak defence against pathogens. All these flaws can be overcome by grafting them on the stock, which is usually a hardy, wild relative of a scion.
  • Grafting is a way of cloning a scion variety to maintain the consistency of characters such as size, color, flavours, etc.
  • With gardener’s curiosity, multiple varieties of different scions can be grafted on single stock plant; trees can be given ornamental shapes, etc.

how to do grafting

Examples of Grafting plants:

Fruiting trees: Mango, Guava, Chikoo varieties.

Flowering shrubs: Hibiscus, Roses, Bougainvillea varieties. Buy flowering plants online in India.

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