Fantastic Facts About Juhi/ Jasminum Auriculatum Plant

Fantastic Facts About Juhi/ Jasminum Auriculatum Plant

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The jasmine plant is grown all over the tropical regions of Asia and Africa. Termed Juhi in India, the small, white flowers are regarded as sacred and often offered to the deities. The plant is a bush-like shrub that blooms during late spring and summer. However, you may find flowers on the shrub even in late autumn and winter. The quantity is less when the climate is cold with a healthy plant remaining passive during this period. It is not the colour of the jasmine flower that makes it special. On the contrary, the heady fragrance similar to that of Gardenia hit the senses making you feel good. The shrub sorts dark green, oval leaves that are velvety to feel with the lateral leaves being smaller in size.

Alternative Names - Jasmine Molle, Indian Jasmine, Juhi.

Botanical Name - Jasminum Auriculatum belonging to the Oleaceae family of flowering plants as other types of jasmine

Uses of Juhi

The fragrant flower has many uses, especially in India. One of the most popular indoor flowering plants, many city dwellers place a fresh bloom of jasmine in their living rooms to get rid of the stale and musty smell that may linger on. The heady scent is pleasant and enlivens individuals making them feel fresh. Many public areas and commercial ones opt to have fresh jasmine bulbs floating on water at the entrance. Adorning the room/stores is not the only purpose for growing Juhi, either. Unlike other plants, the Jasminum auriculatum has multiple uses and is cultivated on a mass scale in different parts of India.  It is interesting to note that growing this indoor flowering plant is profitable for the following reasons:

  • It is fashioned into bouquets, and floral ornaments for worship and social occasions

  • The flowers are woven together as intricate garlands for personal and religious use

  • The cosmetic industry buys flowers in large quantities for the manufacture of perfumes and hair oils

  • The indoor flowering plants are also guarded fiercely as their flowers are utilised to make incense sticks that are available far and wide across India.

Photo by: yawan sahu on Unsplash


How to Source Jasminum Auriculatum Plants?

There is no shortage of the Juhi plant that is cultivated for both personal use and commercial purposes. You may buy flowers or jasmine garlands and bundles from roadside stalls. The plant can be bought from nurseries in varied parts of India. However, sourcing indoor flowering plants online along with their seeds has become the norm of late as it is delivered right to your doorstep. You will be spoilt for choice when you decide to buy Juhi for the first time.


How to Grow the Jasmine Plant?

The best way to have beautiful Juhi flowers available is to grow them in your garden. You can grow them all year round but souring the right type of jasmine plant is important. You have to remember that the -


  • Summer jasmines are climbing vines that need to be planted during spring or autumn.

  • Winter jasmine is hardier and grows in a bush.

Make sure to select a fertile spot that contains well-drained soil and gets plenty of sunshine. Provide a trellis or support the indoor flowering plants for the summer plant that will be climbing with frames for the summer plant will be climbing once they grow. The winter jasmine, on the other hand, is hardy and needs no support at all. You may plant it in a sunlit spot or a shady area. This plant grows vigorously into a bush and begins to bloom before long.


Growing Jasmine Plant Indoor

You may be tempted to buy indoor flowering plants specially when you have a restricted space at home and no garden. Buy large-sized containers or pots to grow the Juhi plant. Select a warm and sunny area preferably on the balcony or a wide window sill to obtain the right conditions. Commercial growers have multiple containers with growing jasmine plants ket in a conservatory to ensure optimum conditions. 

You may go a step further and decide on buying jasmine flower seeds online. Such information may seem to be a tad bit weird as Juhi plants are commonly grown from cuttings or by the process of layering. Ordering Jasminum Auriculatum Plants Online will allow you to get a tiny plant already growing in prepared soil within a small container.

However, you may try the option of germinating a new plant from seeds. All you need to do is soak the seeds in warm water for a night. Sow the seeds directly in a pot into soil mixed with compost. The only criterion for successful germination is keeping the soil moist until the first signs of the jasmine plant appear within 4 to 6 weeks of sowing the seeds.


The jasmine plant or Juhi is a white, fragrant flower that has multiple uses. It is no doubt extremely popular in India. You may decide to buy indoor flowering plants or grow the plants from flower seeds online.

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