Gifting plants is an act of kindness

Gifting plants is an act of kindness

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Why plants?

Think of the most stunning places you want to see in the world and think back to what they have in common – nature. Plants are global, we haven’t known a person who does not like a plant. A plant is more than just a decor piece in your home or garden, they are a living reminder of what is truly important for our survival – coexisting with nature. They are simple beings who give back more than they need. Their fuss-free existence, ease of growth, and the emotional connect they form help them win over anyone they are gifted to.

Plants – our first companions

If nature had one mantra, it would be abundance. There is a plant that is uniquely suited to every person, every home, and every situation. They respond to your love but never demand more than what they get, they make your home come alive, and stay quietly in the space they are given while giving you a sense of companionship and elevating the environment around you in ways that words cannot describe.

Plants have been our friends since before we or our ancestors knew or practised social relationships. Plants listen to you, share your music, tell stories of the times your home has seen, the celebrations and tough times are also a part of their memory, and they wait for you to give them that one minute in your day when you pour that glass of water to them and say cheers!

Plants as gifts

Plants are a gift of trust and hope. Trust that you have in the other person to care and a hope for better times. As gifts, they are eternal and beyond occasions and are a way to show that you value the people in your life. It’s time that this festive season we shift away from gifting that generic box of sweets or decorative pieces that become redundant and give gifts that grow through life and give back every day.

A healthy houseplant can be passed on through the family and can be multiplied to form a common thread that connects the people you love. They are proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve life quality. They purify air, reduce sound pollution, and form an emotional connect that is simply a basic instinct or what is now coined as biophilia. Let’s admit it, nature speaks to us through plants.

The truth of the matter is that we all know the state our planet is in and we all feel for it deep down. While most of use cannot take to the streets to protest against climate change and carbon emissions, we certainly can add one more plant around us. These sentient beings are the answer to most of our crisis and its time we make space for nature and coexist with it within our homes.

Why Ugaoo?

At Ugaoo, we aim to instil a sense of calm and peace in this urban hustle by normalising plants in your living space. We understand the importance of delivering promises and we promise you a quality that is unparalleled in both plant quality and delivery. We are here for you every step of the way to shoulder all your difficulties and queries on this green journey that starts after your plants reach home.

We have plants that will be uniquely personal to anyone you wish to gift them to. You can select from our curated list of houseplants that are grown under expert supervision or our grow kits and seed range that helps you explore the joy of growing your own plant babies. All our gifting options come with the option to personalise them. We promise to deliver them for you across the country and happiness is guaranteed.