Low-Maintenance Shrub Plant Types for Every Garden

Low-Maintenance Shrub Plant Types for Every Garden

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Why Shrubs Are The Best Choice For A Garden?

No matter where you live, shrubs are the heart and soul of any garden. They add an element of elegance. Not only that, they attract pollinators and add a pop of color to your front garden or balcony.

Some types of bushes also give privacy to the garden. Today, you can find many flowering shrubs in India online at the Ugaoo website. Shrub bushes are easy to grow. In this article, we will have a look at the 10 ornamental shrubs suitable for every space.


10 Ornamental Shrubs For Your Collection


1.      Aralia Variegated White Plant



This shrub makes for great landscaping shrubs. The shrub does well in warmer climates. In addition, the shrub requires lots of indirect sunlight. These flowering shrubs in India make for an ideal houseplant that grows around 2 feet. Make sure to water them once a week. They are also pet friendly.


2.      Hydrangea

Do you need to add a beautiful touch to your garden? Consider adding hydrangea to your plant collection. The shrub has large flowers that vary in color. They are available in white, pink, purple, and blue shades. The flowers bloom through summer and last till early winter. You can find the seeds online at the Ugaoo website.


3.      Ficus Prestige


The shrub plant grows upright and grows faster as compared to other shrubs. It is a common houseplant in both homes and offices. These plants like high humidity. So make sure to place the plant on a pebble tray filled with water. They are easy to care for and maintain. The shrub needs a partial or full sunshade.


4.      Witch Hazel

If you are looking for shrubs, witch hazel is a suitable option. It is resistant to many diseases and pests. Also, these bushes are drought resistant. This makes for great ornamental shrubs. In addition, they are low-maintenance plants. These features are what make the shrub plant a must-have.


5.      Boxwood


This shrub is a good choice for any space. Boxwood is a versatile shrub that you can prune to any shape. The leaves of these bushes are oval. Moreover, the leaves have a glossy finish that grows opposite to one another. These flowering shrubs can grow to a height of about 10-15 feet. Since the shrub can be given any shape, you can grow them in a tree.


6.      Crassula Ovata Plant


The next bushes on our list are Crassula Ovata Plant. If you want a dash of elegance in your garden, add this shrub. It is an easy-to-grow shrub ideal for garden spaces. They need a bright and sunny spot to grow well in. With this plant, you can underwater but not overwater. Feel the soil before you water the plant. If it feels dry, water.


7.      Fern Morpankhi

Get home this shrub to add beauty to your gardens. These ornamental shrubs are drought-tolerant plants that have their uniqueness. Also, they are an ideal choice for landscaping options. Water the shrub around thrice a week. The shrub requires indirect sunlight. So consider keeping it near a window area.


8.      Mahonia Shrub

The next types of bushes will be a great addition to indoor gardens. It is the Mahonia shrub. It produces a cluster of yellow flowers during the spring season. The flowers give out a pleasant aroma. These features make the shrub plant ideal for garden spaces. In addition, the flowers last for a few weeks.


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9.      Yellow Azalea

Add a distinct glow to your gardens with the yellow azalea shrub. There are many shades of the shrub. For example, they are available in red, orange, pink, and purple variants. But the most popular one is the yellow variant. The striking flower blooms from late winter to spring.


10.  Fittonia Green Plant

Get home these landscaping shrubs to add to the beauty of any space. The shrub is easy to maintain. It requires constant humidity. But the plant is sensitive to direct sunlight. Hence you need to make sure not to place them near direct sunlight. Buy the best quality shrubs at reliable online stores like Ugaoo.



Shrubs add an aesthetic appeal to gardens. Not to forget, they also offer a pop of color to any living space. These timeless beauties are a must-have in every garden. Purchase quality shrubs and other gardening supplies from India’s trusted store, Ugaoo. They have a huge variety of items to help you with your gardening journey.


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