10 Palm Trees You Can Keep Home

10 Palm Trees You Can Keep Home

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Palm trees add a tropical vibe to whichever place they grow. Belonging to the Arecaceae family, the plants are flowering perennials with various heights. Moreover, as per Chinese Feng Shui, the palm tree also help dispel negative energy. At the same time, the plant is also said to attract positive energy because of its large soft fronds. 

Not all palm trees are tall and occupy large spaces; you can get indoor palm trees for your home. These indoor plants don’t need much space and add aesthetic value to the house. 

So, let’s see 10 palm trees that you can keep in your home. 

1. Areca Palm



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One of the most popular indoor palm trees, the Areca palm, is also known as the butterfly or bamboo palm. These trees add a lovely focal point in large rooms because of their size. With a height of around 5 feet, these plants also fit well at the big box garden centres. The Areca palm trees don’t require much care, and as long as you water them enough, they can grow up to 8 feet tall. However, they are pretty sensitive to overwatering, so refrain from it. 

2. Pygmy Date Palm

The Pygmy Date palm is a dwarf species of palm tree native to southern China. Also known as the Miniature Date palm or Phoenix palm, these trees make perfect indoor palm plants. Usually, the Pygmy Date palm reaches a height of 3 to 5 metres and has narrow, feather-like leaves. One of the best things about Pygmy palm is its drought tolerance, so it doesn’t require watering frequently. 


3. Majesty Palm


If you want a fast-growing indoor palm tree with shade tolerance, get a Majesty Palm. These Palm trees grow relatively fast and can reach up to a height of 15 feet upon maturation. Native to the wet areas of Madagascar, the Majesty palm require frequent watering. These plants grow pretty well near the bathroom and kitchen. 

4. Chinese Fan Palm: 


Also known as the Fountain palm, the Chinese Fan palm sports star-shaped palm leaves. The Fountain palm can grow up to 15 feet in height, adding aesthetic beauty in larger spaces. If you want a Chinese Fan palm to grow in a smaller area, you can get a dwarf chines fan palm or a Taiwan Fan palm. Both of these variants are smaller cultivars and fit easily in small spaces. These plants require bright but indirect sunlight to grow well. 

5. Parlour Palm

The Parlour palm is a beautiful indoor plant that resembles the shape of a bamboo forest. One of the most popular indoor palm trees, it grows quite slowly and reaches a height of 6 feet in home settings. In the wild, the Parlour palm tree can reach up to 10-12 feet in height. The plant can also grow in low-light environments; however, the growth will be much slower. 

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6. Cascade Palm

This palm tree grows with a short trunk and dark green leaves. The plant can grow to a height of 6 feet if given free space, but it doesn’t grow much in smaller containers. As a native of the wetlands of Central America, the plant grows quite well in moist, bright, indirect lighting conditions. 


7. Kentia Palm

The Kentia palm is resistant to a range of environmental conditions. The plant performs very well in shady and cold spaces. Moreover, the plant also doesn’t outgrow the container. The plant is available mainly in a group of three or more plants. This cluster gives a bushy appearance. Once matured, the plant doesn’t require any special care. 


8. Ponytail Palm


The Ponytail palm is among the most popular indoor plants because of its attractive leaves. These leaves sprout from bulb-like trunks and resemble a ponytail. While the plant isn’t a true palm because of its palm-like appearance, it is considered a palm tree. The thick trunk lets the plant store copious amounts of water which makes the plant drought-tolerant. The Ponytail palm grows very well in bright, indirect sunlight. So, if you are looking for a palm tree that grows well but doesn’t require special attention, get a Ponytail palm for yourself. 


9. Sago Palm


Another non-true palm in the list of palm trees, this plant has stiff fronds that rise from the pineapple-looking trunk. Native to the southern part of Japan, the Sago palm is a slow grower and reaches up to a height of 3 feet. The plant needs regular attention as they require moisture and bright light. 


10. Yucca Palm

If you are looking for a tree-like palm in indoor plants, the Yucca palm might be your answer. The plant sports thick cane-like stems and sword-like leaves. The Yucca palm plant can reach a height of 5 feet and have drought tolerance capabilities. Moreover, the plant can also tolerate direct sunlight or partly shady conditions.  

Palm trees are among the most popular indoor plants. These plants add elegance and help you decorate your home. If you want these plants for your house, visit ugaoo.com to buy them there. Ugaoo.com is an online plant nursery where various types of palms are delivered to your home. You can also explore indoor plants of different kinds on the website. 


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