Unveil The Secrets of Faith Through These 10 Sacred Plants

Unveil The Secrets of Faith Through These 10 Sacred Plants

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One of the purest gifts given to mother Earth has traditionally been thought to be plants. It is believed that plants allowed humans to live and eventually evolve. Consequently, some plants have relevance tied to them when it comes to science. Keeping different kinds of plants inside the house blesses indoor decoration, and their sanctity provides additional beauty to the home.


Let's have a look at these top 10 house plants for spiritual connection as per Indian culture.


1. Plant of Tulsi

Tulsi is among the holiest plants according to Indian mythology. A traditional Hindu home Vastu is considered incomplete without these plants. It is associated with Lord Vishu. The Tulsi herb has both therapeutic and spiritual uses. It prevents many diseases from entering our bodies, its leaves have a reputation for treating colds and coughs. The Tulsi plant is available in different colors, including green and black.



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2. Bilva Patra or Sriphal of the Bel Tree

Given its deep ties to Hindu mythology, the bel tree is revered as being an extremely sacred tree. Lord Shiva is associated with the bel tree. These plants' leaves are presented to Shiva, a Hindu deity. Except for areas with milder climates, practically all of India is home to trees. In some regions of India, the Bel tree is also grown for commercial purposes as an orchard tree.



3. The night-flowering jasmine, also known as the Parijaat tree

The Parijaat tree has a rich past. This tree is said to have been brought by Lord Krishna for his bride, Rukmini, from heaven. One of the interesting facts about this tree is, it produces blooms at night, and even though they fall to the ground, they are the only flower offered to the deity. The flower of this flowering plant is also used to honor Goddess Lakshmi and is thought to be one of her favorites.



4. Kadamba tree

Also known as the Burflower tree, this Kadamba tree is linked with Lord Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishan spent his early years here, where he also learned to play the flute under this sacred tree. Also, a favorite of Goddess Durga is the Kadamba tree. Goddess Durga is said to have lived in the Kadamb jungle in the past.



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5. Ashoka Tree

All over the Indian subcontinent, the Ashoka tree is revered as a sacred tree. The Ashoka tree is a rainforest species with spiritual and religious significance. According to legend, Lord Buddha was born beneath the Ashoka tree. It is also closely related to the goddess Lakshmi. Many religious ceremonies use its leaves and bark as traditional, herbal and alternative therapies.



6. White Sandalwood Tree

The white sandalwood tree is revered as being extremely holy and pure. Numerous pujas and other religious events use it. In Hindu mythology, this sacred tree's paste plays a significant role. In addition to its religious significance, the paste of white sandalwood has health and aesthetic advantages.



7. Coconut Tree

This sacred tree represents tranquility and good health. The coconut tree is revered as being extremely sacred and significant from a religious standpoint. This tree's fruits are extremely lucky and frequently used in religious ceremonies. It is offered to seek the blessings of the trinity god (Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesha). If you see a coconut tree on New Year's Eve in the morning, it is thought to portend good fortune for you.



8. Peepal Tree

In most Indian homes, an earthen lamp is lit in worship of the peepal tree because it is thought that Goddess Lakshmi sits beneath it every Saturday. According to some Hindu legends, Lord Vishnu sought refuge under this tree during a battle between God Vishnu and demons to protect himself. This sacred tree has great religious significance because of this.



9. Banyan Tree

Because ancestors and lords enjoyed congregating under this tree, it is regarded as a sacred tree. This tree's leaves and fruits are extremely sacred and used in several religious rituals. The banyan tree is regarded as having a high level of spiritual energy and is one of Goddess Durga's favorite trees. Worshiping a banyan tree is considered to be extremely lucky. It is believed that having a banyan tree in the home will bring good fortune and blessings from the gods.



10. Lotus

One of the lovely flowers that are used in several religious rituals. The flower, which grows in lakes, is a vivid pink color. A significant flower for Lakshmi and Durga Puja is the lotus flower. Goddess Lakshmi can be seen with a lotus blossom in her hand. It is also connected to Lord Brahma, which is why it is sacred. Even the plant's stem carries a specific legendary significance.




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Plants and trees form the basis of our survival. According to Hindu mythology, sacred plants are very important and impact the prosperity and well-being of the family. Hence, even in religious texts, we find great reverence for these sacred trees and plants. The need is to build our connection with these plants and find solace and spirituality.

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