Best Women's Day Gifts: Plants to Show Your Appreciation This Women's Day

Best Women's Day Gifts: Plants to Show Your Appreciation This Women's Day

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Although every day should be a day celebration for just being alive and thriving, sometimes, having a day designated to certain professions, genders, events etc seems just fitting. Maybe it's impossible to celebrate these things every day. So, why not take the chance and celebrate them when their days come?

Make your process of buying gifts for Women's Day easier this year with Ugaoo's range of stunning, vibrant, and meaningful plants!



8 Plant Gifts for Women's Day To Show Your Love & Appreciation


1. Areca Palm

Ugaoo Areca Palm Plant

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The Areca Palm is not only a visual delight and a reminder of the tropical regions of our world but also a very meaningful gift for Women's Day. But how is this showing her you care, you may ask. Here's how!


• Symbolism Behind the Areca Palm

In simple terms, the Areca Palm is a symbol of peace and serenity, and often represents that tranquil tropics. Its feathery fronds have a way with the environment and can uplift the mood effortlessly. 

Mythologically and historically, these palms also symbolized victory and success. Today, this plant is often believed to attract all things positive - riches, happiness, and peace - while also repelling any negative things.

What better way to show her you care than to say that you want her to only prosper through life?


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2. Ixora Plant (Rugmini)

Ugaoo Ixora (Rugmini) Plant

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Looking for plant gifts that don't know how to disappoint? The Ixora has you covered. With dark green foliage and delicate blooms that grow in clusters, the Rugmini plant makes for a wonderful gift for Women's Day.


• Symbolism Behind the Ixora Plant

In countless Asian cultures, the Ixora plant holds a very meaningful and special place. So much that the flowers of the Rugmini plant are offered to deities as symbols of loyalty, purity, and devotion - which is what those flowers stand to signify in general as well. 

This plant is often associated with love, passion, and loyalty. Isn't this the perfect way to appreciate the undying love and passion that the women in your life have always shown you?


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3. Aralia Golden Plant 

Ugaoo Aralia Golden Plant

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With delicate, elegant foliage that makes for the most sophisticated addition to any space, the Aralia Golden plant is a wonderful gift for Women's Day. Wondering how you can naturally enhance indoor spaces with this stunner? Here's how


• Symbolism Behind the Aralia Plant 

The delicate, feathery foliage of this plant is believed to symbolize wealth and success. As a versatile house plant, the Aralia can also be displayed as a bonsai oftentimes and stands to represent peace, harmony, and balance - stemming from the beautiful theory of yin and yang. 

As a part of the ritual of women's day gifting, this plant perhaps is one of the most meaningful ones as it says that you want the women in your life to prosper. have peace and a balanced life - perhaps a concept very lost on our busy, city lives! 



4. Kalachoe

Ugaoo Kalanchoe Plant - Yellow


If you're in the mood for gifting flowers, why give flowers that could easily wilt and fade away? Instead, choose to gift sustainable and long-lasting flowering plants that will stick around as tokens of your love and appreciation.

The Kalanchoe blooms with alluring yellow, red, orange, and pink flowers that make for the most memorable women's day gifts.

• Symbolism Behind Kalanchoe Plants and Flowers

Due to the long-lasting bloom period of the Kalanchoe plant, the plant and its flowers are often associated with prosperity, persistence, and also love. But not just love, the concept of eternal love is what is tied to these delicate blooms. 

Women's Day gifting probably just got a whole lot more interesting, didn't it?


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5. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

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The dwarf cultivar of the ZZ plant or even the large version of it can make for a wonderful gift for women's day. With its tall-looking branches and unique upright leaves, the ZZ plant is low-maintenance and fun to have around. 


• Symbolism Behind the ZZ Plant

According to the Chinese theory of Feng Shui, the ZZ plant is a very positively symbolic plant. This plant stands to represent growth, prosperity, and stability. Since the leaves face upward, they also symbolize upward mobility and the ability to improve.

This plant, as an indoor house plant, also attracts positive and purifying energy. 

What makes for a better gift than something that says "You're so capable and here's to hoping you achieve whatever you want to"? 


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6. Heart Hoya

Ugaoo Heart Hoya

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Small and simple, at first sight, the Heart Hoya simply looks like a good-looking, heart-shaped succulent. Of course, we're not denying that claim but there's also so much more meaning and symbolism behind it that we have to jump in to tell you!


• Symbolism Behind the Heart Hoya

As you'd expect, the Heart Hoya is often seen as the epitome of Valentine's Day. Its simple yet beautiful design that gives it the shape of a heart symbolizes love and utmost devotion. 

But there are also certain spiritual connotations behind these succulent gifts. They symbolize and are said to help achieve spiritual enlightenment and bring alignment with the divine. 

Talk about a hidden gem!


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7. Yucca Silver Plant 

Ugaoo Yucca Silver Plant

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The spikey, multi-colored leaves of the Yucca Silver Plant make it a very unique addition to indoor spaces. If you've got a woman in your life who loves to collect things that stand out and are memorable, the Yucca plant is your safest bet as a gift for women's day for her!


• Symbolism Behind the Yucca Silver Plant

The Yucca plant has relatively laid back aesthetics but it can still make for the perfect minimalistic, yet full-looking, decor pieces in homes. Along with its aesthetics, the Yucca plant symbolizes new opportunities, purity, loyalty, and protection.

Feng Shui also believes that it brings growth and stability to any space where it resides. 


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8. Dieffenbachia Cheetah Plant

Ugaoo Dieffenbachia Cheetah Plant

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When you actually see the Dieffenbachia Cheetah in person, your first thought might just be - "wow!" Why? Because the stunning variegation and patterns on the leaves of this plant will absolutely entrance you and will leave you wanting more. 

The dark green and white spots on a large leaf with large patches of a light green make for the most beautiful patterns! So, what does this majestic plant and other Dieffenbachias symbolize?


• Symbolism Behind the Dieffenbachia Plants

In various folklores all around the world, Dieffenbachia plants are said to ward off all negative forces and energies. These plants are also symbolic of growth & vitality, flexibility & adaptability, and resilience & protection. 

It also signifies nurturing energies and supports personal and professional development.  


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So, which plant are you going to be giving as a gift for women's day this year? Whichever one you do happen to choose, their positive symbolism and happy-go-lucky aesthetics will never fail to amaze!


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