Shhh! This Diwali Listen to What Your Garden Plants are Pleading

Shhh! This Diwali Listen to What Your Garden Plants are Pleading

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Diwali carousel is about to begin. Imagine plants posing with placards, requesting you to protect them from all the pollution, crackers and smoke. Or lawn grass and flowerbeds pleading you to ensure that no one ties crackers onto them just for sadistic pleasure.
All the social media channels are flooded with images of animals, to sensitize people with the pain these creatures go through. Surprisingly, there are no pictures or messages about plants and the distress they undergo during Diwali.
Tree talking about effects of diwali on environment

To bring their trauma to your notice, here we are with a conversation between your garden plants. If you have never heard them talk before, get a little closer and listen.

A conversation between Lawn Grass and Flowerbed:

“Early morning dew drops entwining me feel soo good. I wish it could stay like this forever!” exclaimed lawn grass.
To this, the flowerbed wailed “Hey Lawny, but I have heard that Diwali is coming. I am soo scared! There will be ground crackers, fire, and smoke around us. I cannot bear the heat and wound. It pains a lot!”
With teary eyes, the Lawn Grass said, “Oh! I cannot go through that ordeal again. Last year, it took me about six months to get back my lush green form.”
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conversation of effects of air pollution on plants

Gulmohar and Rain Tree overheard this conversation and looked at each other. The horror of aerial crackers took over them too.

Gulmohar said, “Why can’t we speak or at least signal them to not burn crackers near us? I wish I could move a little away and protect my fragrant blooms from the mishap.”
Raintree pondered over the same thought but decided to remain silent.
He rolled his eyes upwards and looked at the carefree leaves swaying in the wind and whispered, “If only there were a shield to protect us and give us shelter, just like we provide shade and shelter to our human friends.”
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Sitting by the window and taking a sunbath Tulsi, Hibiscus and Rose looked concerned too.

Rose caressed its flowers and said, “Fire does not scare me, it is the smoke that chokes and interferes with my photosynthesis. These people don’t realize this during Diwali and later feed us toxic pesticides and chemicals.”
Hibiscus, who was already feeling a little weak, dropped a bit more.
Looking at this Tulsi said, “My prime concern is not the crackers, it is SMOG that takes over the entire atmosphere after Diwali. The layer of smoke and fog is soo thick that I feel suffocated.”
effects of air pollution on plants
The gorgeous Window plants were still discussing the effects of Diwali crackers on their ecosystem when they suddenly heard Bamboo hedges screaming for help.
They were scared and did not wish to be electrocuted with the Diwali lights coiled around them. False Ashoka and Copper Pod Tree looked at each other and nodded in resentment. Last years wounds caused due to shock and overheating of lights, were still evident on these trees. Poor little things, they could never shout in pain or call for help.
Diwali mayhem could be felt in the entire garden. The place that was once full of colors, fragrance, and chatter of gorgeous birds and plants was taken over by the creepy silence of the frightened trees. 
The conversation did not end here. Birds that danced along the trees trembled in despair. Our feathered friends moved towards their nest chirping aloud.
Do you know why? Last Diwali, the deafening sound of the crackers, scared them away from their nests built on the age-old Banyan Tree, Pipal tree, and those tall Palms. Read about plants that heal diwali burns.
Birds talking about effect of pollution on birds
To us, Diwali is the festival of lights, but to the birds and plants, it is upsetting.
Let’s pledge together and protect our garden plants, birds, fruits, and flowers. Let’s be their super-hero.