Balance your chakras with these herbs

Balance your chakras with these herbs

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For a healthy individual, it is important to align the seven energy centres or the seven chakras. Energy centres when out of balance can create tensions, stress and a feeling of mental imbalance in a person. So, while we can work these chakras at a spiritual level through meditation, we must also supplement these efforts with herbs that help align the body's energy.
seven chakras
To get you on your way, here are the seven chakras of the body and the herbs that positively affect them.

Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, this chakra helps us feel connected to the earth. It grounds us, physically and mentally, to the present moment. It has an influence over our legs, feet, tailbone and immune system.
root chakra
To keep this chakra balanced, you can consume dandelion root, ginger or sage. These can be taken in the form of tea or just added to other root-based foods like carrots, potatoes, parsnips, garlic, etc.
dandelion root tea

Sacral Chakra

Located in the abdominal region below the navel, the sacral chakra is the centre of creativity, imagination, passion and manifestation. When it is imbalanced, headaches and emotional instabilities become commonplace.
sacral chakra
Consuming calendula or hibiscus tea is an excellent way to give positive energy to the sacral chakra. Gardenia is also another good option. It is known as the happiness herb, and its flowers can have a very soothing effect. Learn more about How to grow Calendula
hibiscus tea

Solar Plexus Chakra

Our emotions, thoughts and self-control stem from the solar plexus chakra. It is what we could call gut instinct, guiding us in our daily lives. If this chakra is impaired, then we wander into the realms of depression and anxiety. We may even become distrusting and develop digestive problems.
solar plexus chakra
Rosemary or fennel are the perfect cures for an unevenly poised solar plexus chakra. They reduce strain on the body and soul and remove feelings of anxiousness. Learn to grow rosemary at home.
rosemary herb

Heart chakra

Whenever you express love, compassion or forgiveness, you're doing it through your heart chakra. The blocking of this chakra may leave us feeling lonely and finding it difficult to love ourselves. We also experience some poor blood circulation. You may like to read how gardening acts as a healing therapy.
heart chakra
If you're feeling a bit heavy-hearted then you need some Hawthorn berry tea to lift your spirits and free your heart chakra. It also helps in strengthening your blood vessels and improving circulation.
hawthorn tea

Throat Chakra

The ability to express oneself and to communicate clearly comes from the throat chakra. When you're unable to convey your thoughts, feel a lack of confidence before speaking, develop laryngitis or have issues with thyroids, then your throat chakra needs to be healed.
throat chakra
Red clover blossom will do the healing once you drink it as tea. It will unlock your emotions and help you speak your mind. You may like to grow herbs indoors.
red clover tea

Third Eye Chakra

The seat of our consciousness (the pineal gland) and our senses of intuition draw power from the third eye chakra. If you're experiencing nightmares, migraines or self-deception, then the source of the problem is a weak third eye chakra.
third eye chakra
Heal it with mint tea or eyebright herb. Both of these herbs are equally efficient of centring this chakra and removing these problems.
Mint herb tea
eyebright flower

Crown Chakra

The topmost chakra of our body, it connects us to the universe and all the energy flowing around us. It gives us a divine association with wisdom and nirvana.
crown chakra
If you're feeling spiritually disconnected or purposeless, then lavender is what you need to align the crown chakra. It will also help in enhancing your meditative experience.
lavender plant
These herbs will help re-align these all-important energy centres of your body and help you feel truly connected to everything around you!
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