Types of Flower Jewellery for Festivals

Types of Flower Jewellery for Festivals

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The staunch nature lover may advocate that flowers look best on the plants only. While this is true to a great extent, the practice of using flowers for decoration is an age-old tradition, which is followed today and may remain so far ages to come. Indian style floral ornaments are used on special occasions like festivals like Diwali and family events like weddings.
how to make flower ornaments

You can make following types of real flower jewellery:

1. Garlands:

Possibly floral garland is one of the oldest methods of using flowers for decoration. Right from the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana, till today’s times; the tradition of putting floral garland round the neck of men and women on special functions such as marriage, welcome ceremony, etc. is very much prevalent.
flower garland

Flowers for garlands:

Sweet scented flowers are more preferred than others for making garlands. The most sought after flowers are jasmine and tuberose. Colorful flowers such as marigold, Chrysanthemum, Roses, and Hibiscus are also used for garland making, particularly if these are offered to gods are goddesses. Decorative foliage of some ornamental plants such as ferns are also used in garland to improve its look.
Garlands are made of only one type of flower or a combination of different flowers. The flowers are held together with the help of cotton, nylon or a silk thread, inserted in it by a needle. Garlands often have a pendant or locket which is also made of flowers and is generally given a heart shape.
colorful fresh flower garlands in the market

2. Floral bangles:

In certain classical Indian dances, the dancer, especially the female dancer, also wears floral bangles along with garlands. Flowers used for bangles are mostly the same ones used in a garland worn by a performer. Fragrant flowers like Parijat or colorful flowers like small asters are more suitable making bangles.
Flower Bangle

3. Floral crown:

In west Bengal, a floral crown is also made to be used in ceremonies by the central character, especially during ‘Annaprasana’ ceremony of a small baby. Floral crown may also be worn by female character such as queen on a princess in drama. The flower most used to this purpose if Tuberose sewn by thread on cardboard or large leathery leaf such as Jackfruit.
It is quite common to see photographs or paintings of epical heroes and heroines such as Rama and Sita wearing floral ornaments like garlands, bangles and ‘Baju Bandhs’. Read about blog on Tree Saga: The Sita Ashoka Tree.
floral head crown

4. Gajra:

The temptation of women to decorate their hair with flowers is age-old custom in India. In south India, flowers such as Crossandra and barleria are widely used for making ‘Gajra’. The practice is to put flowers singly in the plaints of hair or to make mini-garland like short chain of flowers and dangle this from the hairdo or to wrap around the hairdo. The fragrant ‘Gajra’ of various Jasmines is the most popular type in India.
gajra for hair

5. Veni:

Veni is a special type of flower arrangement widely used in south India to decorate long plaint of hair by a band of flowers. Veni is worn by women during some ceremonies such as marriage or at the time of Bharatanatyam dance recital. This flower arrangement is comparatively long and broad frame of cardboard or some leathery leaves. Over this, different flowers are arranged decoratively covering completely the background frame. Floral Veni of often made in inverted ‘U’ shape to ensure a perfect fit on hairdo.
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Happy festive season!