Top 8 Summer Vegetables in India

Top 8 Summer Vegetables in India

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Summer is a great season for growing vegetables in your kitchen garden. Vegetable plants that like to grow under full sunshine, enjoy long days and a warmer climate, thrive well in the harsh Indian summer. The good thing about summer vegetables is that the same ones can be continued in monsoon season as well. Depending on your preference and the time you could be willing to put into growing vegetables, here's a list of some great summer vegetables to grow!


• Top Summer Vegetables to Grow in your Kitchen Garden

1. Tomato

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A tomato plant with a bunch of red tomatoes on both sides of the main stem makes a lovely sight. Tomato plants loves the clear sky and plenty of sunshine. They can be started any time of the year using tomato seeds.
  • Spacing: 45-60 cm between plants and 60-75 cm between rows
  • Seed requirement: 18 g seeds per 25
  • Harvesting: 80-100 days

2. Brinjal

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Also known as the Eggplant, this is a warm season crop which is rather susceptible to frost. It is often said that consumption of brinjal in summers safeguards children against measles. There are several varieties with different sizes, colors and shapes, and these make for absolutely delicious summer vegetables with various preparation methods. 
  • Spacing: 30-45 cm between plants and 60 cm between rows
  • Seed requirement: 2-5 g seeds per 10
  • Harvesting: 3-4 months

3. Chili

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Looking to grow a spice in your vegetable garden? Chili as a spice is very popular in India and some of the most pungent varieties of chilies are grown in hot summer season? The non-pungent varieties are delicate and susceptible to diseases but the pungent ones are hardier in nature. Growing chili by seeds is how the growing process begins. 
  • Spacing: 30-45 cm apart
  • Seed requirement: 1 g per 10
  • Harvesting: 2- 2.5 months

4. Pumpkin

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Pumpkins are cucurbit summer vegetables that grow very well during hot seasons. The size of a pumpkin may vary from 5 kg to 40 kg. Because of the size of fruit, pumpkin climber is allowed to creep on the ground rather than on a trellis.
  • Spacing: Direct seed sowing in pits of 2 x 2 ft and 6 ft apart. 3 seeds are sown per pit
  • Seed requirement: 8 g per 10
  • Harvesting: After 3-4 months for 8-10 weeks

5. Cucumber

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Cucumber can be grown throughout India in summers. Cucumbers are generally sown in round pits at convenient places to let them trail on the house roofs, pergolas or bowers. These veggie seeds are sown directly into the soil. 
  • Spacing: 3 x 3 ft between plants and rows
  • Seed requirement: 5 g per 10
  • Harvesting: Plant starts giving fruits after 2-3 months for about 4-5 weeks

6. Bottle Gourd

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In India, a bottle gourd creeper trailing over thatched huts in villages with bright glistening white blossoms and tender, smooth, long, light green, cylindrical fruits is an eye-catching sight. This summer vegetable is relatively easy to grow and can be grown from seeds directly. 
  • Spacing: Direct seed sowing in pits 2 x 2 ft and 6 ft apart, 3 seeds in a pit
  • Seed requirement: 5 g for 10
  • Harvesting: After 2 months onwards for about 6 to 8 weeks

7. Lady's Finger/Okra

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Lady’s Finger or Okra are popularly known to be the ushers of the arrival of summer. Tender forefinger-sized ones, stuffed with spices make a delicious dish! Seed sowing for Lady Fingers in your veggie garden can be done from March to July.
  • Spacing: 2-3 ft between plants
  • Seed requirement: 15 g for 10
  • Harvesting: 60-75 days for 2-3 months
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8. Amaranth 

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A leafy vegetable cooked and consumed just as Spinach is, is Amaranth. There are many varieties with tender leaves, green or red in color. Home gardening is easy with this hardy vegetable as it is easy to grow throughout the year including hot summers.

  • Spacing: Between Plants 20-25 cm and between rows 30 cm.
  • Seed requirement: 5 g for 1000
  • Harvesting: 30-45 days for 2-3 months.


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Apart from these, you can also produce a satisfying yield of Gourds, Melons, Malabar Spinach, and Beans with our high-quality vegetable seeds. 


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