Top 10 Flowering Climbers for an Indian Garden

Top 10 Flowering Climbers for an Indian Garden

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Gardens without climbers are extremely rare. Why? Because trailing plants in a garden are vital along with trees & shrubs. They add to the beauty and depth of any garden, creating a whole new dimension like no other. They need some support to grow upon; such support can even be an architectural feature. Many garden climbers produce some of the most beautiful-looking flowers and these flowering climbers grow very well in outdoor garden under full sunlight.

Both climbers & creepers can be raised on trailing ground covers, walls of buildings & structures, trees & poles, to cover a fence, develop screening effect, cascading plants, also in pots placed in windows & balconies. Climbers are exclusively used for the most attractive outdoor garden feature like arches & pergolas.

• Top 10 Fast-Growing Flowering Climbers for Outdoor Home Gardens

1. Calico Flower

Calico Flowering Vines

It is also known as the Pipevine & belongs to the Birthwort family. Its botanical name is Aristolochia elegans and is native to South America. The tender evergreen vine features unusual flowers, beautiful and bright green heart-shaped leaves. Slender woody stems of this climber intertwine gracefully in tight coils around any support and grow up to 10-15 ft. During summer the vine produces 3 in flowers in abundance.


2. Ylang Ylang Vine

Ylang-Ylang Flowering Vines

It is commonly known as Hari Champa. Native to India and tropical Asia the climber grows with greenish-yellow intoxicating fragrant flowers. The vine also bears fruits that are ovoid, smooth and 3-4 cm long when ripe. Hari Champa is not an aggressive vine and grows like an ordinary shrub when young.


3. Bougainvilleas

Bougainvilleas as Flowering Vines in Indian Gardens
It is one of the most spectacular, hardy & easily grown climbing/trailing shrubs in a garden. Its innumerable hues & tons of red, magenta, pink, orange, white, as well as many other variegations, create a sensation in the garden.

4. South Indian Uvaria

Uvaria belongs to the Sugar-Apple family. The plant features dark bluish-green leaves and reddish flowers. Crushed leaves smell like cinnamon. South-Indian Uvaria can be seen in the Western Ghats from Maharashtra growing up to an altitude of 1,200 m. The leaves and roots of this plant are used to cure jaundice, fever, rheumatic infections and various skin diseases.


5. Clerodendrum Thomsoniae

Bleeding Heart Flowering Vines

It is also known as the bleeding ‘heart vine.' This is a gorgeous plant with climbing/trailing habit & limited growth. The flowers are red & white spearing during the rainy season.


6. Railway Creeper (Ipomoea)

Ipomoea Flowering Vine

It is a common hardy creeper with purple flowers. They fill up the whole area covered by the vine into a pink-purple starred curtain. The flower fades in the late afternoon.


7. Jasminum Species

White Jasmine Flowering Vines


These are a group of hardy climbers with white, fragrant flowers. Chameli, Jai, Juhi & many other sweet-scented jasmines usually flower in late summer & monsoon.

8. Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper Flowering Vines


Also known as ‘Madhumalati’ in India. It is a quick growing climber that features clusters of white, pink, long tubular, fragrant flowers. 

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9. Thunbergia

Bengal Trumpet Flowering Vines

Popularly known as ‘the Bengal clock.' It is a rapidly growing climber with a vigorous and extensive habit. The large, attractive, pale-blue flowers bloom throughout summer & monsoon.


10. Flame Vine (Bignonia Venusta)

Flame Vine Flowering Climbers

The climber with a fiery orange curtain of tubular clusters of its many flowers envelops the garden features like pergolas. It is in full bloom during January-February. 

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