Use Container Plants Effectively to Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Home

Use Container Plants Effectively to Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Home

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It is not always necessary to have a big garden at home. Instead, you may make do by growing beautiful container plants on your balcony, when you live in a small apartment. Learn about plant care and get the right tools by visiting the local nursery. Order the choicest plant online otherwise. You will be able to dress your veranda with a row of beautifully arranged pots. Opt for plastic plant containers, if you want to invest inexpensively! Here are a few of the flowers you should consider. Take your pick!


1. Bougainvillaea

    This is one of those container plants that grow beautifully both in the garden and within large pots. The tropical climate in most parts of India is wonderfully suited for this plant that sprouts colourful flowers. Be sure to use the right soil and peat moss that will lock the moisture in without making the roots soggy.

    2. Cyperus papyrus

    One of the best container plants, this variety has a structured appearance with straight stems growing neatly from the container. It looks neat and organised even when you do not attend to it regularly. The bright yellow flowers sorted at the end of the grass-like foliage create a beautiful effect.

    3. Mogra

      Popularly known as Arabian Jasmine, this is a dwarf shrub that thrives in modest sunlight. You may grow it as a climber vine or plant it in plastic plant containers to deck up your window sill. The mogra plant will grow up to a height of 12 inches when planted in an earthen pot. You may transplant it to any other container to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

      4. Coleus

        The beautifully coloured leaves of the coleus have made it extremely popular these days. Deemed to be one of the most ideal plants within a container, it grows incredibly fast. The green, yellow, red, and pink leaves with unique markings on them capture instant attention. Coleus plants grown in ceramic plant pots can adorn your porch or balcony effectively. So get the seeds of this plant online.

        5. Geranium

          Well, this one is one of the container plants that grow amazingly well in the hot & humid climate of India. Keep the plants in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Water them diligently every day to find them blooming in a profusion of colours.

          6. Winged Begonia

            You cannot go wrong by planting this hardy and drought-resistant plant in a small container. The gorgeous colours will light up your tiny balcony garden and add colour to your window most effectively. Grow it in sun or shade as convenient. You do not have to care too much for these plants that will survive the most severe conditions.

            7. Impatiens

              One of the best flowers to be kept in containers, the impatiens are found in multiple shades of pink. It can define you by lending a feminine touch to your porch or window. You need to source humus-rich, well-drained soil. While you have to water the plants regularly, do not let the water pool at the base. Alternatively known as “Busy Lizzie,” the container plants make superior window dressing, literally.

              8. Fan-flower

                Obscure the large plant containers by planting the fan flower that drapes the container most enticingly. Finding an attractive mix of blue, white, and pink blooms will be worth the trouble. The plants are hardy enough to survive well even if you forget to water them occasionally. Over time, the plants tend to become long and narrow. Snip the stems once in a while to obtain a dense plant.

                9. Petunia

                  It is advisable to invest in Petunia hybrids to obtain value for money. Pick the colour you fancy for growing in a container that is sure to make your tiny indoor garden stunning. Buy a few petunia plants at one go to ensure a riot of colours. You may want to check the size and height of the plants when you source them. Keep the containers in sun and water them regularly for the best effect.

                  10. Dieffenbachia

                  If you want plenty of greenery then this is the plant for you. Dieffenbachia is deemed to be one of the most popular container plants that thrive well in limited space. It is essential to plant it in the right-sized container as well. Remove it to a shaded area occasionally for this plant requires sun and shade in equal measure.


                  Photo by: Kadarius Seegars on Unsplash

                  Create a beautiful effect within your home and in the immediate vicinity by investing in a collection of gorgeous container plants. Be careful to pick and choose the plants that grow well in a container and happen to be hardy enough to survive heat and humidity.

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