Top 12 Ornamental Flowers for your home garden

Top 12 Ornamental Flowers for your home garden

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Ornamental flowers are usually planted to enhance the overall beauty of gardens. These are not locally grown flowers. As a result, you must take extra precautions and care while growing them. They can beautify your garden and with the right information, you can take care of them such that they thrive. Read on to find out the best plants for your garden and how to take care of their blooms.


Top 12 Ornamental Flowers 


Here are the top 12 ornamental plants for your garden:


1. Cosmos

Cosmos is an ornamental flower that is extensively found in many regions across India. The flowers come in yellow, gold, and orange colors. These flowers bloom from mid-June to early January in India. This ornamental plant grows up to 48 inches tall and needs direct sunlight to grow. It can easily tolerate semi-drought conditions. 


2. Begonia



Begonia flowers are large and they are found in almost all the colors that you can imagine. It thrives well in partial sunlight and needs regular watering. You can add natural fertilizers that are high in potash for a high yield of flowers. 


3. Toad Lily



The Toad Lily plant grows even in shady parts of your garden. Its flowers can be white, purple, or blue. The soil must be moist and filled with organic matter if you want to grow Toad Lily quickly. They do not survive drought conditions and may survive cold climates with regular watering.


4. Hydrangea 



Hydrangea is one of the most common and popular ornamental flowers in India. Growing Hydrangea is easy because they can grow well even in shady areas with little sunlight. The flowers can be pink, blue, violet, and purple when it comes to their colors. 


5. Mrs. Popple Fuchsia 


Popple Fuchsia looks like a bell. Its scarlet color with reddish-pink base petals gives it an exquisite look. These flowers hang from its stem and you can plant them in partial sunlight. The soil must be fertile and moist and it can be planted in planters with a proper drainage system. 


6. Columbine 

Columbine flowers come in various colors like yellow, blue, pink, purple, and other pastel shades. Plant them in well-drained soil that is neither too moist nor too boggy. Their flowers bloom well when they receive enough sunlight. 


7. Marigold 



Many species of Marigolds can be planted as ornamental flowers in your garden. Marigolds can be red, orange, yellow, or orangish red. These are low-maintenance plants that grow well in direct sunlight. Its abundant flower blooms will make your garden aesthetic and appealing. Marigold seeds can be planted about ⅛ inch deep in the soil. The plant requires regular watering to produce more flowers. 


8. Rose 



The rose is perhaps one of the most popular ornamental flowers in India. Its flowers are available in red, pink, white, yellow, and many other colors. Rose stems can be directly planted in pots and grow quickly if they receive ample sunlight throughout the day. 


9. Dahlia 


Dahlias are quite popular ornamental flowers in the floral industry. They grow in a variety of colors including white, pink, yellow, red, dark red, purple, orange, dark pink, etc. It needs at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. You can plant them in early June or mid-April. 

One Dahlia tuber must be planted in a single pot or planter. Dahlia seeds can also be used for planting. The soil must be fertile and well-drained. Adding a little organic manure or matter can help the plant to grow quickly. 


10. Hibiscus 


Hibiscus is one of the most beautiful garden flowers. The flowers can be white, pink, red, or yellow. These flowers grow well in warm and tropical areas. Stem cuttings up to 6 inches long can be planted in a pot. For quick growth, you must water the plant regularly and move the pot to the part that gets enough sunlight. 


11. Chrysanthemum 


Chrysanthemum flowers are white, yellow, purple, or red. These ornamental plants are popularly referred to as Shevanti in India and can be grown in small pots and planters. 

The Chrysanthemum seeds can be planted in pots and once the seedlings become 6 inches tall, you can transfer them to your garden directly. It grows well in open parts of your garden that receive direct sunlight. The soil must be well-drained and watering the plant once a day would be enough. 


12. Tulips 


Tulips bloom in multiple colors including pink, violet, red, purpose, brown, maroon, and even black. You can plant the in multiple colors including pink. Tulip bulbs after the rainy season in pots or open spaces. The bulbs need regular watering to grow nicely. 

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