Yoga Loving Plants

Yoga Loving Plants

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Imagine performing Adho Mukha Svanasana amidst the soft rustling sound of leaves, a delectable fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers, a touch of green grass and caressing nature. By practicing yoga in a garden amidst plants can bind together the mind-body-soul thus creating an everlasting ripple of relaxation and rejuvenation.

In this blog, let’s look at some yoga loving plants:

1. Bamboo:

Create a bamboo hedge as a green accent between flowering plants and cherish the soft sound of the leaves brushing against each other as you perform yoga. Let the gorgeous green bamboo create peace and equilibrium in the garden and your life.
Bamboo trees

2. Buddleja:

Buddleja features lovely flowers and enticing fragrance.  As you perform Vrksasana, breathe in the scent, admire nature’s uplifting beauty and watch the butterflies flutter playfully around the purple flowers.

3. Clematis:

Let your drab looking garden wall or a bare fence burst with a splash of colours as Clematis flowers bloom over it. As these flowers twirl and embrace the fence, they give the garden a natural and balanced look. You would love performing sun salutations in the company of Clematis flowers.
clematis flower

4. Delphinium:

Beautiful Delphinium blooms feature pastel shades and can immediately elevate the look and feel of a garden. As you move towards performing some equilibrium asanas, focus on these beauties.

5. Echinacea:

These are one of those flowers that exude a sense of healing. Loved by butterflies, these little blooms would inspire you to adopt the butterfly position time and again. Wouldn't you love doing yoga with some fluttering friends?
Pink Echinacea Flowers

6. Lavender:

Cherished for its uplifting fragrance in aromatherapy, Lavender is a perfect mini-hedge patio, container garden or balcony. Breathe in, breathe out its intoxicating aroma as you get into the supreme relaxation - Savasana.
Lavendar Flowers

7. Ornamental grasses:

Ornamental grasses not only look beautiful but have a calming effect too. Their soft rustling sound makes them cherishable even if planted in garden beds and pots. Perform Pincha Mayurasana on the lush green lawn and feel nature’s soothing effect engulfing you.
Ornamental grass

8. Thyme:

Apart from making your food delectable, Thyme’s lovely scent can be used while performing yoga too. Place your mat close to thyme and feel the difference while exercising. Its attractive fragrance will bind you with positivity. Buy thyme seeds online.
Thyme herb

9. Verbena:

A colourful treat for your senses and magnet for butterflies Verbena makes gazing around enjoyable. Begin your yoga regime by looking at the gorgeous beauties and cherish every moment in the company of nature’s best. Buy verbena seeds online in India.
Verbena flower

10. Waterlily:

Combat all your stress and negativity by sitting beside a rippling pond and cherishing the sound of water and sanctity of waterlilies. If not a water body, you could place water lilies in a large bowl or container next to your yoga mat and indulge in a relaxed and mindful yoga session.