Decorative ideas for Indoor Gardens!

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// August 15, 2016
Indoor garden ideas

The best thing about creativity is that you never truly run out of it. Sure, it may feel like you’ve temporarily exhausted it at times but it always comes back like a breath of fresh air. The easiest way to keep absorbing and receiving these creative inputs and jolts to your brain is to keep observing the creativity around you! So, when it comes to the creativity in finding decorative ideas for your home garden, then this post is absolutely perfect!

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A home garden is wonderful because it never ceases to grow and it always reflects that growing imagination of the creator, which is you! So, all you have to do is to keep providing wonderful, amazing and innovative inputs that stir the senses. Because what we take in, we do give out in one form or another. So read on and get your creativity caps out because these are some of the coolest decorative ideas for your indoor garden!

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One of the most popular indoor plant ideas involves placing beautiful micro herbs on a windowsill. You have tiny, elegant plants that are not only decorative but will also help in the cooking process.

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From the windows to the walls! Living walls are another incredibly popular and creative way of taking an entire section of space and giving it another dimension.

Indoor vertical gardening

An extension of the living wall is the ‘creeper wall’! It involves growing certain creeper plants with moss sticks or a mesh of support that’s been placed in one corner of the room.

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Different elevation levels are something you can play with and let your imagination run wild. Arrange different plant pots at different levels, perch them on stools or whatever takes your fancy!

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unique garden ideas

Haven’t found any particular use for your antique teacups or teapots? Then why not create a mini succulent garden for your tabletop using these utensils. You get a sophisticated decoration that pairs nicely with some old world charm. Read more on teacup gardens.

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indoor kitchen garden

Transparent semi-spheres give you the chance to create a beautiful layout and landscape with the greenery of your indoor garden truly shining through as it should.

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Hanging gardens, using creative containers like bulbs or weaving baskets will give all your acquaintances some indoor garden goals to look up to! Just ensure that your hanging plants are well-maintained and properly watered and fed.

hanging garden

If you have a space that actually feels empty or a surface that feels too ordinary then what you need to do is turn that entire surface into a pot and plant some mini flowers, herbs, a Kentia palm, etc. This will immediately brighten up the space!

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No space for a really expansive exotic garden outside? Then create your mini Japanese garden pond environment in a container or even a mason jar to give you the exoticness that you want.

indoor garden ideas

Finally, do adorn your bedside as well, with some creatively embedded mini gardens in your antique candleholders. This can be as unique and personal to you as you wish it to be.

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We hope that the imagination is stirring and that you’re bursting with the idea to create something beautiful.

Good Luck!