Vegetable Garden Layout

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// April 19, 2017
Herbs, flowers and vegetables in backyard formal garden

Creating a layout of vegetable garden & planning your veggies according to the season is an important task for any gardener. Summer is the best time to start fresh. All ornamental plants, vegetable crops, herbs and fruiting trees can be planned in this season. You will have to make a garden layout according to the space availability.

Choosing the crops according to season:

The summer vegetables would include the following:

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vegetable garden layout

All season herbs in kitchen garden:

A kitchen garden is incomplete if it doesn’t have a clump of lemon grass used for tea in cold climate, a plant of curry leaf to add unique flavor to the dishes and a Tulsi plant. Tulsi is not merely for worship, but also for medicinal use. The juice and decoction of its leaves are used to cure the cough and sore throat. You may want to read about how to grow Tulsi plant.

herb garden

Perennial vegetables for kitchen garden:

Asparagus, Colocasia, Potato, sweet potato, pointed gourd, and tapioca are grown from tubers/rhizomes/stem cuttings. Plant of drumstick (Moringa) is also an essential part of Indian plains and is of frequent use.

Read more about growing moringa plant.

vegetable garden plants

Home garden layout:

We have attempted a yard garden design for a garden of 120 mt sq. (1,200 sq. ft.) the area which may be divided as follows:

  • Lawn and hedges: 300 sq. ft.
  • Perennial flowering shrubs: 150 Sq ft.
  • Seasonal flower beds: 100 Sq. ft.
  • Paths & Patios: 150 Sq. ft.
  • Vegetable Garden: 200 Sq. ft.
  • Fruiting plants: 300 Sq. ft.

kitchen garden layout

Area distribution chart for kitchen garden:

The kitchen garden of 50 sq. mt. (500 sq. ft.) the area comprising of fruits and vegetables may be further divided as follows:

vegetable garden layout area

The vegetable plots mentioned in above table are according to the summer season. The same plots can be utilized for a different group of plants in monsoon and winter.

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