Tyre Gardening – Creative Ideas for Old Tyres

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// September 21, 2016
tyre pots

Being able to transform what others think as waste, simply adds to the beauty of nature!

Thus, the trend of tyre gardening came into existence in 2006. This  trend may not be very popular because of the controversies regarding the usage of tyres due of the harmful metallic content in them. However, these components exist deep inside the rubber tyres, and the only way they could reach to your plants would be after the degradation. And the process of degradation of tyres may take years together.

ideas for used tires

Adding to your beautiful garden, the worn out tires are free, and Tyre Gardening is one of the most inexpensive ways to garden!

hanging tire garden

Why grow food in Tyres?

The reason behind this is hassle-free gardening. For example, growing potatoes in a tyre garden. The process starts by placing a cardboard sheet under the tyre, adding some chitted potatoes and covering it with mud. As the plant grows in height, stack one more tyre and follow the same process until these tyres are filled with sprouting buds. Harvesting from them is easy too. Knock off the tyres and roll out the potatoes.

tractor tire planters

The tyres can be stacked in a pile and used as small garden beds for flowers and vegetables too.

tyre garden ideas

These miniature garden beds require less watering, and the black tyres absorb heat from the sun which facilitates the growth of the plants. This can be quite useful for growing tomatoes, and you may be the first one in the neighborhood to enjoy the fresh and juicy tomatoes in a tyre.

tire planters

DIY Tyre Hanging Planter

Another innovative yet space saving way to use these tyres is the DIY Tyre Hanging Planter. This can be hung from trees and walls to save space and go vertical. These are best for flowers and small shrubs. To make it yourself drill 3-4 holes in the bottom for better drainage and line them with a weed barrier. Add some potting mix and place the plant. And there you go, the DIY Tyre Hanging Planter is ready.

hanging tyre with flowers

This process of tyre gardening is quite simple and is one of the best examples of no-dig gardening. So why wait? Start your own Tyre Garden today!

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Other uses of tyres:

  1. Tyre Chair:

tyre chairs

2. Tyre Minion:

tyre minion

3. Fancy Landscape using tyre:

flower plants in tyre landscape

Happy Gardening!