How to do Budding in Rose plants?

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// January 20, 2017
Colorful rose flowers

Budding is an artificial, vegetative plant propagation technique used for growing ornamental flowering plants like Roses. It is nothing but a highly advanced form of grafting. In Budding one or more buds of one plant are transferred to another by proper technique. The plant which gives the root system is called ‘Stock’ or ‘Rootstock’, while the variety grafted upon stock is known as ‘scion’.

rose budding

Budding is more convenient than grafting in plants that produce large sized buds. There are many types of budding techniques, but T-shaped budding is the most traditional form. In ornamental gardening, different varieties of Roses are almost exclusively propagated by T-shaped developing method only.

Bud insertion

Steps for T-shaped budding in Roses:

Preparing the stock:

A sturdy stem of the rootstock of about the thickness of an ordinary pencil is selected for budding. All other branches are removed along with thorns.

T cut budding

Selection of the right bud from Scion:

These buds known as ‘eyes’ should not be confused with flower buds; these are small vegetative swellings at the axis of leaves from which new shoots can develop. A plump bud with little wood & whole leaf stalk (2 cm) is taken out from the stem in the shape of ‘shield’ with the help of a sharp budding knife.

scion grafting

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Insertion of bud into the stock:

The bud is inserted on the stem of the rootstock at about 5-7 cm above the ground level. A T-shaped cut about 2.5 am long is made in the bark of a rootstock & the bud is inserted into the incision with the help of small stalk left on the shield. The bud should point upwards & no part of ‘shield’ should protrude outside. The bud is then tied around firmly with grafting tape, keeping the ‘eye’ uncovered. The union will take place within 3-4 weeks. The budded plant will be ready for transplantation in few months. Read about 10 essential tips on growing Roses.

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Fun fact:

 A single Rose plant having flowers of more than one colour can be developed by grafting many buds from many different rose varieties on one rootstock. Read more about the introduction to the world of Roses.

budding techniques

Reference book: Floriculture in India.



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