Seeds To Be Grown In January & February.

Seeds To Be Grown In January & February.

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With evolving gardening technologies, such as temperature and humidity control, artificial lighting, automatic watering, etc., you can grow almost anything - anytime throughout the year. However, nothing can beat the joy of home gardening. All gardeners out there will agree to it. Have you been longing to explore your do-it-yourself gardener self and harvest your crops? Why not start it this new year? Yes, January is just the right time to begin sowing and planting!


Although you love gardening, are you wondering about sowing seeds - like which seeds to plant in January and February for the best harvest? Don't worry! We have rounded up a list of plant seeds to sow between January and February. Let's grow plants together!

Seeds to sow in January


1. Brinjals



Brinjals come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. January is the best time to sow seeds of brinjal, regardless of type. They need around six hours of sunlight, well-drained, and rich loamy soil. The best part, within a couple of weeks of sowing seeds, you can harvest your crop because they are quick growers.


2. Green peas



The most-loved and awaited veggie of the winter season, green peas, is another plant you can grow in January. These climbers are fast-growing. Sowing peas sometime around mid to late January will yield the best results. With just six to eight hours of daily sunshine and one inch of water weekly, your produce of delicious pods will be ready in 60 to 70 days.


3. Spinach



Rich in iron, antioxidants, and vitamins, spinach is indeed a superfood that you can grow in January. This green leafy vegetable needs plenty of sunlight to grow, and your crop will be ready within six to eight weeks of sowing seeds. Make sure to sow the seeds of spinach in an 8 to 12 inches deep container.


4. Tomatoes



Although tomatoes are more of a summer-season vegetable, sowing tomato seeds in the cool weather of January is possible. This nutritious veggie grows well in bright and warm weather conditions with around six to eight hours of full sunlight. Also, sowing tomatoes in January will ensure that you harvest a decent crop by the end of the year. At Ugaoo, you will find the best-quality Tomato Seeds.


5. Capsicum



Capsicum is a cool-season produce and incredibly nutritious. Initially, when you plant seeds, make sure to keep the planter in an area with low sunlight. Once germination starts, you will see the tiny sprout coming out. At that time, place it under moderate sunlight. Moreover, do transplant the seedlings once four to five leaves are visible. 

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Seeds To Sow In February

1. Lettuce



Lettuce is a go-to quick salad in many households. The best part is - you can harvest them in a couple of weeks after sowing plant seeds. Whether you want to grow them in earth beds or containers, Lettuce will not disappoint you. No wonder it is one of the best plants to grow in February. They need around six to seven hours of sunlight and thrive well in loose, well-drained, and loamy soil.


2. Leeks



Leeks or green onions are yet another vegetable plant you can buy seeds to sow in February in your kitchen garden. They take time to mature. So, growing plant seeds early is a good idea. They grow well in low temperatures. Therefore, you can plant them indoors as well. You can buy pots and containers online.


3. Early carrots



If you want to grow early carrots, February is the right time to go about it. Early carrots prefer sandy soil and love direct sunlight. Initially, you can grow them in a semi-shaded area. But make sure to shift them under bright sunlight. Also, carrots grow well in well-drained, loose, and healthy soil.


4. Summer cabbage



The best time for sowing and planting cabbage is mid-February to mid-April. This cruciferous plant requires around six to eight hours of direct sunlight and sandy or heavy soil to grow. Make sure the soil is rich in organic matter


5. Onions


Red onions are the most undemanding and low-maintenance plants to grow in February. All they need is fertile and well-drained soil with full sunlight to grow.


Rediscover the home gardener in you!

These are some of the many types of plant seeds that gardeners can go about sowing in January and February. However, ensure buying the highest quality seeds to get a good harvest. And when it comes to quality plant seeds, plants, planters, and plant care products, look no further than We bring the best assortment of all gardening-related products to your fingertips. If you wish, you can also sign up for our plant subscription boxes to receive the best we have!



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