Seeds to be Planted in July and August

Seeds to be Planted in July and August

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Monsoon hits India sometime around mid-June and usually attains its full vigour between July and August. And by the end of September, it starts taking the backseat. The splash of monsoon, in tune with freshness-packed air, endows new energy to the flora around you, and growing flowers, fruit and vegetable seeds becomes super fun.



One of the best parts of this season is growing seeds during this time. Contrary to what most people think - spring is the only time to sow flowers, fruit and vegetable seeds - planting between July and August and harvesting them later the same year is very much possible and fruitful. What about flowering plants

There are many flowering seeds for your monsoon garden as well. Let’s take a look at the flower, fruit and vegetable seeds you can plant in July and August. 


5 Fruit and Vegetable Seeds to Plant Between July and August


1. Radishes



If you look forward to growing fruit and vegetable seeds in July and August, you can go with Ugaoo Radish Golden Seeds. They should be all set for harvest by October and November. 

  • Local name: Mooli

  • Best place to plant: In direct sunlight

  • Soil requirements: Particulate organic matter-rich soil, aged compost

  • Additional requirements: All-purpose fertiliser if the soil does not have organic matter


2. Cucumber



Another one on the fruit and vegetable seeds list to watch out for is the cucumber. July is the latest possible month to sow Ugaoo White Cucumber seeds and plants to make them bear fruit. They grow at a quicker rate in warmer weather than in spring. 

  • Local name: Kheera

  • Best place to plant: In maximum sunlight

  • Soil requirements: Moist and fertile soils

  • Additional requirements: Mulch and NPK 


3. Okra



Okra is one of the fast-growing plant seeds you can sow between July and August. You can sow the Ugaoo okra seeds either in bags or Earth beds.


  • Local name: Ladyfingers, Bhindi

  • Best place to plant: An area that gets about five to six hours of sunlight daily

  • Soil requirements: Well-drained soil rich in organic compost

  • Additional requirements: Fish fertiliser or seaweed tonic


4. Lettuce



India is the third-largest producer of this nutrition-laden green leafy vegetable. You can sow Ugaoo Lettuce Iceberg Seeds till early September. Planting seeds indoors is also a great idea.


  • Local name: Goose vegetable, tropical lettuce, Sawi Rana, Daun Panjang

  • Best place to plant: In protected spots that get four to six hours of sunlight

  • Soil requirements: Well-drained, loamy, and soft

  • Additional requirements: NPK, Seaweed


5. Tomato



Tomatoes are easy to grow and also a bundle of nutrition and health. 


  • Local name: Tamatar

  • Best place to plant: Dark and warm place till the seedlings appear within 10 to 15 days. Transfer outdoors after six to eight weeks. Once shifted outdoors, ensure it gets seven to eight hours of sunlight.

  • Soil requirements: All types of soil, excluding heavy clay ones.

  • Additional requirements: Organic fertiliser, choose the best types of seeds


Besides Mooli, Kheera, Bhindi, Lettuce, and Tamatar, you can also grow other veggies, including cauliflower, carrots, beans, beetroot, eggplant, tinda, and all sorts of gourds, when the monsoon is in its full swing. However, make sure to buy the best and high-quality types of seeds.

5 Flower Seeds to Grow Between July and August


 1. Marigold



You can sow Marigold African Double Seeds in earth beds, pots, or containers throughout the year, owing to the tropical climate of India. However, planting these seeds between May and July makes the best crop.


  • Local name: Genda Phool

  • Best place to plant: Semi-shaded and warm area

  • Soil requirements: Well-aerated and well-drained

  • Additional requirements: Cow dung manure


2. Balsam



These beautiful flowers come in different colours. You can grow these seeds between July and August in large pots or planters to facilitate plenty of space.


  • Local name: Gulmehendi

  • Best place to plant: Partially-shaded places

  • Soil requirements: Well-drained soil

  • Additional requirements: Slow-release fertiliser


3. Cosmos



Cosmos is a vibrant flowering plant available in a range of gorgeous colours. Get Cosmos Mix Seeds at Ugaoo.


  • Common name: Garden cosmos

  • Best place to plant: In areas that receive full sunlight with some time under shade during the afternoon

  • Soil requirements: Well-drained soil with organic manure 

  • Additional requirements: Not needed as they can grow in poor condition

4. Sunflower



Although the best time to grow sunflowers in India is between January and June, you can also sow sunflower seeds in the rainy season.

  • Common name: Surajmukhi

  • Best place to plant: Plant them in areas with plenty of sunlight. Protect from strong wind

  • Soil requirements: Well-drained and loose soil 

  • Additional requirements: Nitrogen-based fertiliser


5. Salvia


    It is one of the prettiest ornamental plants that people often grow to cover their garden beds and patios. Monsoon is the perfect time to sow the seeds of salvia.

    • Common name: Scarlet sage

    • Best place to plant: Full sunlight with partial shade 

    • Soil requirements: Moist but well-drained soil

    • Additional requirements: Aged compost

    Grow green with Ugaoo!



    When it comes to gardening, you cannot have enough veggies and flowering plants. The gardener inside you longs for more and more. Here comes at your service with a range of flower, fruit and vegetable seeds at your doorsteps. Besides, you can also order fertilisers, pots and planters, and accessories to revamp your patio.



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